PBS To Distribute WotNot Facial Wipes

Professional Beauty Solutions has announced their partnership with WotNot, an award-winning brand of naturally organic and biodegradable facial wipes.

The hero image for WotNot Facial Wipes, to be distributed by PBS.
The hero image for WotNot Facial Wipes, to be distributed by PBS.

Professional Beauty Solutions (PBS) are known for their ability to spot a good brand when it hits the market.

Most recently, PBS set their sights on Australian made organic brand WotNot.

WotNot are the makers of facial wipes containing soothing aloe vera and are free of parabens, petrochemicals, alcohol, and artificial perfumes, complementing PBS’s current naturally-minded brand offerings including Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics, Smiink Lashes, Sunescape Tan, and Image Skincare.

“We take pride in representing products that not only look wonderful when applied, but nurture and benefit the skin and body with cosmeceutical ingredients,” says Lisa Williams of PBS.

“We’re so excited to introduce WotNot’s great range of gentle face wipes to the family!”

PBS Director, Matt Williams adds, “We love that WotNot wipes are available in an assortment of versions fit for different skin concerns. They’re loved by makeup artists like Rae Morris and so we know that our makeup artists and salons will love them too.”

To enquire about stocking WotNot in your salon, call PBS on 1800 625 387.


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