How to apply for a government grant

Whether you’re keen to turn your side hustle into a full-blown business, or are already a small business but are looking to hire your first employees, you may be eligible for government funding to get your beauty business off the ground.

It’s worth noting that applying for a government grant isn’t a straight-forward process – grants are awarded across specific categories and you’ll be approved based on the strength of your pitch. Grants are not, it’s important to know, handed out to support a cool-sounding a business idea that doesn’t already show signs of succeeding – you need to prove your capabilities, experience and know-how in your chosen field.

Have a look below and see if any apply to your plans for your salon.

Business expansion
This is where you can turn your tiny business into a fully fledged salon. There are networking and training programmes, as well as low-interest government loans to expand. Businesses in a transition phase are eligible to apply for support for both employers and staff.

Employment and training
There are loads of grants to consider in this category. Jobsearch ( allows you to advertise roles for free,  while the Australia Apprenticeships Incentives Program pays you to offer apprenticeships to staff completing their beauty studies. In addition, the Restart programme is an Australian wage subsidy that rewards a business owner for employing a staff member over the age of 50.

Research and development
Keen to uncover the next big thing in the beauty industry? You may be entitled to apply for a grant  to cover research and development costs. If you’re developing a new product that the judging panel feels has great potential, you could be in good stead to apply for funding.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
If you are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, or are employing and training someone who is, you could be eligible for particular benefits. The Business Development and Assistance Program provides support, funding and loans to Indigenous people who are starting or developing a business.


Before you hit ‘submit’ on your grant application, consider the below:

  • Ensure you meet all criteria and provide supporting evidence. Seek advice on any questions you’re unsure of and have a mentor or trusted confidante look over your responses.
  • Be specific about your needs. Rather than viewing your salon as a whole, really drill down to work out what you need the funding for. Is it for staffing? Development? Knowing this will ensure you apply for the right grant.
  • Don’t skip any questions. “N/A” is not an answer and leaving questions blank will be a strike against your application.
  • Be honest. Before the government hands over any amount of funding, they are going to probe and ensure your story checks out. Dishonesty is guaranteed to be discovered.

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