Developed as a healthy alternative to acrylics, the Bio Sculpture Gel system is possibly more relevant today than when it first hit the market, 20 years ago.

Ideal for wellness-conscious clients, Bio Sculpture also addresses the needs of busy people who yearn for elegant, shapely nails without fuss. Indeed, the system is cruelty-free, non-toxic and vegan-friendly. It’s also customisable in terms of length and flexibility. Once applied, they look like natural nails and, being lightweight, are just as comfortable.

Award winning nail-technician Diana, from Bio Sculpture’s headquarters in Sydney, shares the brand’s signature application method of ‘Gel Sculptures’.


Step 1: File nails into preferred shape then prepare the nail plate; be sure to remove any cuticle debris and thoroughly clean each nail with sanitiser to ensure no bacteria can become trapped between the gel and the nail bed.

Insert the ‘form’

Step 2: Insert a Bio Sculpture Extension Form snugly under the free edge and the inner C-curve. Next, choose the desired length you wish to achieve.
NB: shorter styles tend to work better in terms of durability and longevity.

Apply Base Gel

Step 3: Using a high-quality application brush (such as a 6 Round from Bio Sculpture) apply Bio Sculpture Base Gel, before curing under the brand’s safe LED lamp for 30 seconds.

Apply Free Edge Gel

Step 4: Taking a metal tool, apply Bio Sculpture Free Edge Gel onto the form, to shape the extension into the desired aesthetic. (The free edge gel is the same colour as your natural free edge) Cure under the LED lamp for 30 seconds.

Apply Strengthening Gel

Step 5: Apply Bio Sculpture Gel to support the extensions and to strengthen the nails. The brand offers soft, medium and hard treatment gels, which are chosen according to the condition of the customer’s nails. NB: In this system, there’s no need for chemical bonding products as the formula adheres naturally to the nail plate.

Remove Form

Step 6: After the gel is cured for 30 seconds, remove the Nail Form and file the extensions to the desired shape and length. Ensure the nail surface is smooth and even.

Pretty amazing!

Step 7: Apply your preferred Bio Sculpture Gel colour (and glitter), then cure for 30 seconds. Finish off with a Gloss Top Coat to seal in the colour, cure for 30 seconds and finally apply some cuticle oil.

If you would like information about Bio Sculpture’s Gel system click here or visit or call 1300 BIO GEL.