endota’s iconic Organics range gets a sustainable packaging update and refresh

endota Organics packaging has upgraded to locally produced, recycled packaging created with renewable resources in renewed commitment sustainable, nature-first beauty. The formulations will remain the same but the new-look packaging is aimed to use fewer non-renewable resources and virgin materials. The new endota Organics range packaging comes in an airy, light spearmint-sage green and is created with recycled resin from single-use plastics, sugarcane derived PE, recycled PE, cardboard from managed forests and fully recyclable glass. The vessels can all be recycled post-use and are all transported using recyclable fillers and shippers.

Professional Beauty chatted with endota Founder and CEO Melanie Gleeson to learn more about the beloved Australian brand’s move to more sustainable packaging.

PB: Tell us a bit about the Organics range and the move to green packaging

“Our Organics range remains the heart and soul of endota’s product offering. At endota we see clean beauty as a focus; not only on clean formulations, but clean packaging and the addition of our sustainably sourced product packaging is the next step in that commitment. Each stage on the journey to creating our new packaging was carefully considered with the planet in mind, with a keen focus on keeping production local in order to reduce our carbon footprint.”

PB: Why have you chosen to further endota’s commitment to sustainability (why now)

“At endota we believe the Organic trend is here to stay. Organic and natural beauty is all about looking after your skin and feeling good. In the past decade natural beauty has gone from being a fringe industry to an established sector. Today, thanks to consumer awareness and improved to manufacturing, it continues gain in size and importance. We continue to encourage natural and organic skincare daily as a routine not a luxury.

endota believes in the principle that what goes on our skin is just as important as what goes into our body. By choosing to use organic skin care, you can be assured that the products and their packaging are free from all harmful chemicals that are found in non-organic skin care that can be damaging to your skin and overall health. Another added benefit of using Certified Organic products is that it is better for our environment as they are eco-friendly and cruelty free.”

PB: What encouraged the change and compelled the re-packaging

“The changing community attitude towards holistic awareness has been driving industry and as a company we believe the organic and natural skincare industry will continue to grow strongly. Across the industry we believe we will see ongoing product development of natural and organic products. With a surge in consumer awareness of the health benefits offered by the organic and natural products we are seeing an increasing concern from consumers around the dangers of chemical compounds in traditional skincare.”

PB: What makes it better

“The endota Organics range remains at the heart and soul of endota’s values as we see clean beauty as a focus not only on clean formulations, but clean packaging as well. Striving to care for our clients as well as our environment the formula of endota’s Organics products will remain the same, however the packaging will be updated to a more environmentally friendly/sustainable packaging. At endota Spa the team understand Australian skin and have developed a certified organic and natural range that achieves results.”

The brand has also launched two new skincare: a Brightening Eye Oil and Hydrating Lip Balm.

About the packaging

Airless Vessels

Made up of 70% recycled resin from single-use plastics that would otherwise go to landfill.

Airless pump technology protects the formula by preventing excessive exposure to air, increasing the product shelf life.


Combination of sugarcane derived PE and recycled PE.

Manufacture red using solar energy.

Glass Droppers/Jars

Glass components fully recyclable post-use. Glass can be recycled endlessly without loss in quality or purity. To recycle bottle or jar remove pipette/lid.

Carton Focus

Developed from cardboard from managed forests (FSC Certification) with Soy vegetable-based inks and fully recyclable post-use.

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