Natural skincare brand Edible Beauty has taken home the award for Best Facial Cleanser and been nominated for two other titles at the North American Indie Beauty Expo.

Founder Anna Mitsios was delighted by the win and commended Indie Beauty Expo for showcasing and celebrating independent beauty brands.

“IBE is such a great promoter of green beauty and it was an honor for one of Edible Beauty’s products to be awarded Best in Show,” she told Professional Beauty.  So who is this Aussie beauty brand and why are they unique?

“We’re a natural beauty range that are dedicated to illuminating your natural beauty using the highest grade pure, botanical and wild crafted ingredients that are both therapeutic and luxurious,” says Anna. “All of our ingredients are edible – all the products are filled with botanicals and there’s nothing in there that shouldn’t be in there or that you don’t understand.”

“I really want to spread that message of toxin-free beauty and just get that education out there about what we’re putting on our skin does really matter.”

Unlike some Australian brands, Edible Beauty is 100% homemade, with the au naturale brand’s factory residing in Sydney. “It means your margins are really small, but it’s much better being able to have immediate control over the quality of the products,” says Anna.

“I think it’s incredible to be able to make something in Australia and use it as a base to launch a brand. Keeping everything homegrown and homemade is incredible and very important to me. With the beauty industry at the moment, there are so many brands catching on to the benefits of Australian ingredients.”

“Australian skincare has gone to a new level using botanical extracts and to be a part of that is amazing. Australia is also setting a lot of trends overseas, which is almost the reverse of what it used to be, so it’s really amazing to be an Australian brand at the moment,” says Anna. “The focus is on us and it’s great to be able to make something here and not compromise that quality by selling yourself short.”

According to Indie Beauty Expo co-founder Jillian Wright, the world, particularly North America, is looking to Australia for the latest in beauty innovation. “We believe Australia and that region of the world is at the forefront of clean and green beauty.  Australia is a pillar of health and wellness living.  We have many Instagram crushes on brands and influences from Australia.  We look to you for trends in beauty.”

It’s an opinion Mitsios strongly agrees with, noting that global influencer roles have drastically reversed in recent years. “I think the Australian beauty industry is incredibly innovative and making a lot of progress. I think we’re setting the standard for a lot of international brands with our unique ingredients, products and stories.”

“This is a great change from what we were considered previously – not sure what’s turned that around, but we’re really starting to see the benefits of what’s in our own backyard and keeping our quality standards high,” says Anna. “Everyone is using Australia’s beauty industry as a source of inspiration.”

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