For the modern day consumer, maintaining healthy nails is no longer just about their physical condition. Nowadays, people are looking to align products and treatments to their code of ethics, and are also factoring in the effect ingredients can have on one’s overall wellbeing.

Indeed, the increasing demand for environmentally sustainable and non-toxic personal care products is a global trend. The international market for organic nail, hair and skincare is expected to reach $13.2 billion by 2018.

“More and more people are seeking  healthy nail services,” reports Talya Bergmann, marketing and operations manager at Bio Sculpture Gel. 

“They may have previously had a bad experience with nail infections, or damaged nails from poor-quality products and untrained technicians.

“Consumers, in turn, are now making informed decisions and choosing products that are healthier, safer and proven not to cause them any damage.”

Professional Beauty investigate consumer motivations for requesting a healthy manicure or pedicure.

EVO2: this healthy soft-gel polish is  formulated to be non-damaging.

To repair damaged and dehydrated nails

While gel nail polishes are widely celebrated for their longevity and shiny-finish, there has  been some backlash as of late in terms of nail-health; namely the damage and dehydration they can cause. This is why consumers and technicians alike are celebrating the new EVO2 Oxygenating Gel System from Bio Sculpture.

“The majority of gel polishes on the market are not permeable, so moisture and oxygen can’t pass through to the nail bed,” Talya says.

“In turn, this can disrupt the natural permeation process of oxygen and moisture that is needed to keep a nail healthy.

“If this process is disrupted, you will experience either a dehydrated nail or a build-up of moisture on the nail plate.”

This diagram shows how EVO2 allows for the natural process of oxygen and moisture to occur in order to maintain a healthy natural nail

“This is what makes the EVO2 Gel Nail System so unique ‒ it allows for this natural process of moisture and oxygen to continue while the nail underneath remains healthy.

“EVO2 also contains vitamins A and E which slowly release onto the nail plate even after the product is cured. After one treatment using the system, you will notice a huge difference to the natural nail.

“Furthermore, the formula bonds to the nail naturally, so you don’t need a primer or bonder, which can be quite dehydrating.”

In addition to these health benefits, the curing lamp that complements the range has been awarded a safety stamp by an independent Australian Government Agency.

The logos attached to the EVO2 Gel Nail System certify the products’ vegan-friendly ingredients and non-toxic formula

Concern around chemicals

More people are shunning cosmetic ingredients that might be carcinogenic and hormone-disruptive. This makes sense as the latest research indicates approximately 60 per cent of what we apply on our skin, hair and nails is absorbed into our bloodstream.

“Nails are particularly porous so it’s no wonder consumers are steering clear of conventional formulas that include the ‘toxic trio’- formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate (DBP),” says Talya.

As it happens, all Bio Sculpture products are ‘5-FREE’, which means they are free from the aforementioned nasties, plus formaldehyde resin and camphor, which are included in some nail formulas for a shiny finish, but have a tendency to irritate the skin.

Bio Sculpture’s EVO2 range, on the other hand, has undergone internationally-recognised testing to confirm its safety for technicians and their clients. All ingredients used in the formula are medical-grade.

EVO2 Oxygenating Gel System from Bio Sculpture are proudly cruelty free

In the name of ethics

Regardless of other benefits, personal care products that harm animals or use animal bi-products are off the table for a growing number of ‘conscious consumers’.

According to market analyst Roy Morgan, the number of Australians embracing a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle has increased from 1.7 million to 2.1 million between 2012-2016.

Vegans reject animal-derived cosmetic ingredients for ethical reasons. As a result, they opt for nail polish solutions without honey, beeswax, lanolin, collagen, albumen, carmine or cholesterol.

This group is also particularly concerned about ethical manufacturing, and looks for beauty products by reputable organisations that are 100 per cent percent vegan and cruelty free.

This is evident in the increasing trend toward ‘vegan friendly’ salons that stock and use only ethically- sourced products.

Religious Reasons

According to Future Market Insights, the global Halal-beauty sector is set to expand at a rate of 9.9 per cent per year during 2015-2020.

With 436,000 Australians identifying as Muslim in the last census, nail technicians looking to capitalise on this lucrative market can take advantage of water-permeable polishes.

While traditional lacquers create a barrier between the skin and water, there are now breathable options available that are considered prayer-friendly.

To fulfil the requirement of washing hands before praying, water must touch the nail and these revolutionary formulas make it possible.

“We have a lot of Muslim women interested in the EVO2 Oxygenating Nail Care system,” confirms Talya Bergmann.

“Although it isn’t officially Halal-certified, the formula is breathable and allows moisture vapour to touch the nail bed.”

If you would like information about Bio Sculpture’s EVO2 Oxygenating system, click here, visit or call 1300 BIO GEL.