From humble Bowral roots, Australian skincare brand Qsilica is celebrating its 10th birthday this month. Since its launch in 2006, this family-owned brand has won more than 12 awards and become a market leader in the Australasian skin, hair and nails supplement industry.

At the heart of the Qsilica range is mineral silica, a naturally occurring product derived from the development of quartz crystal. It’s the ingredient that’s set Qsilica apart from the competition and something the brand has become renowned for.

“Qsilica is as relevant to women today as it was when we first launched 10 years ago, because of its natural approach to health and beauty,” says creator of Planet Health, Peter Harwood.

“Our philosophy has always been that beauty happens from the inside out and we have seen this adopted by many over the years as more and more people are seeking holistic support for their skin, hair and nails.”

Designed to promote beauty from the inside out, the Qsilica range now comprises of 25 products infused with potent natural ingredients. Each product contains colloidal silica that can drastically reduce the appearance of ageing while encouraging that glow from within.

Qsilica’s scientifically developed skincare range includes an award-winning cleanser as well as exfoliating, moisturising and treatment based products that utilise the benefits of mineral silica. The Australian-made brand selects only premium ingredients, ensuring that their products are not only beautiful to use, but just pleasant subtle fragrances, velvety textures and smooth glowing skin.

Qsilica is also renowned for their integrity, with their supplements and skincare vegan-friendly and strictly against animal testing.

“Qsilica will continue to evolve and be a range that women can turn to for naturally derived beauty with confidence that they work, are animal friendly and Australian made and owned,” says Peter Harwood.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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