4 Things You Didn’t Know About Marine Ingredients

Source: autostraddle.com

Check out what’s under the sea, under the seeeaaa…

Source: autostraddle.com
Source: autostraddle.com

They’re the hottest new skincare super-ingredients trending now, but what exactly are marine extracts, and what can they do for your clients’ skin?

Here’s five things you almost certainly didn’t know about the complexion-boosting world under the sea…

1. Algae is the new black

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Noticed algae extracts popping up in skincare lately? There’s a reason for that. In order to survive harsh marine conditions, certain types of algae use a chemical protective mechanism which causes them to produce antioxidants, aka, the stuff healthy skin has in bucketloads. One of the most powerful forms of which, is Green Microalga, or Tetraselmis chui.

2. Ocean derived vitamins pack a super-punch

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By far one of the richest sources of vitamins and minerals is the sea. Sea water itself is brimming with dozens of critical trace minerals for skin health, and marine plants have long been known for their superfood properties when it comes to delivering a nutrient punch, so it shouldn’t be news to learn they’re pretty much the best thing on earth when it comes to boosting your complexion.

3. Phlorotannins are where it’s at

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Phlorotannins are compounds unique to species of marine brown macroalgae which have been shown to promote skin repair in numerous clinical studies, which is why brown macroalgae is one of the hero ingredients in Thlago’s latest rejuvenating skincare line, M-Ceutic.

4. The sea can repair skin damage

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Marine algae are rich in zinc, otherwise know as the skin repair superhero. Research has shown zinc to be particularly effective in treating skin irritations and injuries, including acne, skin sores and minor wounds, by helping cells to regenerate.

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