Say goodbye to your difficult skin woes.

We’ve all had a really difficult client, and not the kind who demands discounts and lets their devilish spawn run free through your treatment room, but the kind with skin that isn’t so easy to treat; be it overly sensitive, coarse or damaged.

Difficult skin can make even the most skilled of therapists feel like a skincare newbie, but thankfully, it needn’t prevent you from delivering a superstar treatment. With the right tricks, it is possible to treat the most challenging of skin types and still have your client walk away satisfied. Here’s how…

1. Keep your cool


It’s easy to become flustered when your dealing with a skin type that doesn’t respond normally to your treatment, but for the sake of your client, it’s essential to maintain your cool, both literally and figuratively.

Cool temperature treatments tend to have a calming effect on easily angered skin, whereas warm compresses can just make the issue worse, so opt for soothing products containing anti-inflammatory ingredients, like Thalgo’s M-Ceutic Renovation Radicale, which contains brown and green algae extracts to soothe and treat difficult skin.

2. Get deep and meaningful


Challenging skin requires intensive treatment, so it’s essential to design your skincare session to ensure deep and effective product penetration.

“I recommend using an active serum and treatment mask with an advanced delivery system for deep infusion and long term results,” says Thalgo’s education manager, Kim Thomasson.

The best ingredients to opt for when choosing treatment serums and masks for difficult skin types include vitamins PP and B2 for improving tissue quality, evening out skin tone and correcting colour irregularities, and Zinc, which is a critical component in the skin immunity and repair; and can be found in Thalgo’s new M-Ceutic Mesolift Marin, designed for challenging skin.

3. Protect it


The most effective thing you can do for a client with difficult skin is to get them into a daily regime of using protective products to maintain the skin and prevent further damage.

“I advise clients to use an active protective daily moisturiser to combat ageing, and sunscreen for the ultimate protection,” says Thomasson.

Our difficult skin product picks

1. Thalgo M-Ceutic Normaliser Cream-Serum. 2. Thalgo M-Ceutic Pro-Renewal Cleanser. 3. Thalgo M-Ceutic Detox Regenerator. 4. Thalgo M-Ceutic Pro-Regulator Make Up Remover. Contact BLC Cosmetics