The Victoria Curtis Cosmetics founder discusses the vital role educators have in creating future leaders.

What does it mean to you to be an educator?
I believe educators play a vital role in influencing and nurturing future industry leaders, by sharing their vast experience, values and knowledge. By investing in education and making this a key focus in business, we ultimately benefit our customers and the beauty industry overall. 

I am incredibly passionate about education and feel that being able to share information with my peers and our customers is a privilege. The benefit ultimately sits with our clients, as the aim is to offer the most premium service, product and experience on the market. Staying up to date with information, industry trends and new product launches means that we are one step ahead of the game. We can only achieve this through education and programs that facilitate change and constant improvement in everything that we do.

Outline the highlights of your education program for the year 2020?
Each year we host education events across Australia and New Zealand for our retailers, at locations such as the Art Series Group, The Sofitel and The Hilton. Our events consist of makeup demonstrations, new product launches, sales and retail training as well as a presentation from myself and our head educators. 

In 2020 we plan to host our first retailer and client event in New Zealand with a panel of industry experts, followed by a series of these events in Australia. 

The events will not only focus on educating our retailers and their staff, however we will also include and welcome their clients in order to further educate them not only on their makeup skills, also the importance of mineral makeup and how it can benefit their skin. 

I am personally excited to share our industry knowledge with clients directly as I feel it can only benefit the industry as a whole.


Victoria Curtis is passionate about nurturing the next generation of beauty-industry leaders.


What is the biggest challenge when it comes to education?
Education is often overlooked and when it should in fact be a priority for all businesses in any industry. We can never stop learning and growing and education keeps us one step ahead of the competition. Sharing new ideas and watching these become a reality is all part of evolving and changing in the fast paced environment that we live in. I believe it gives us the edge and keeps our staff motivated and inspired. Information as they say is “power”. Holding that power gives us the ability to become industry leaders and trend setters. 

Rather than trying to find the time for education, we should be focusing on the importance of it and building it into everything we do.

How do you as an educator keep ahead of the game and up with the latest trends?
I find that watching the trends overseas carefully and interpreting these for our market, is the best way to maintain that edge. Not every trend will suit the Australian customer, however we can draw inspiration from these trends and allow them to inspire us. Reading industry magazines and online material is key to keeping up to date with the latest news and being proactive rather than reactive to change.

How important is it for members of the beauty industry to stay updated and further their education?
Education is the key to development. In today’s environment, change is instant and we must always be prepared and informed. The only way to possibly achieve this is through information sharing and improving our skill set constantly. The more we know, the more we can succeed in offering the very best for our clients. As a member of the beauty industry, clients expect us to share our industry secrets and knowledge. This adds value to what we do and also value to their experience. Staying up to date means having the ability to deliver this level of service and set yourself apart from the rest.


Training and accreditation
A certificate in makeup application Degree in Accounting and Marketing at Swinburne University. 

Years in the industry
I have been in the beauty industry for 20 years My very first part time job was at the age of 15 in my uncles hair dressing salon. 

Educational area of specialty 
Both marketing and accounting. My first professional role in the beauty industry was in the marketing department of L’Oreal Australia. 

Training the trainers
Training our own educators is all about focusing on our brand and staying in our lane, while ensuring that we stay up to date with industry trends via social media, online resources and staying close to those in the industry both in Australia and offshore. I personally travel to various beauty industry conferences throughout the year and return home to Australia with new trends, ideas, products and makeup looks that I feel will be relevant for our market. This way we constantly have our finger on the pulse, aware of what is coming and ready to add our very own flavour to it. 

What I love most about my role
I love everything about my role, however the part I love the most is meeting with and hosting events for our loyal and wonderful customers. There is nothing quite like treating them to a makeover and recommending products that work for their skin and their colour profile. 

Victoria Curtis is the founder of Victoria Curtis Cosmetics,

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