Mariza Nuttall trains a variety of clients, including nurses, dermal therapists, doctors and beauty therapists.

What does it mean to you to be an educator?
For me it is about sharing knowledge and experiences I have gained over the past 25 years in the industry. I have always had a keen interest in innovation in the aesthetic space as I am a result driven Aesthetician. This has led me to launch technology-based training in the industry.
Most of my career has been in training and it hasn’t always been easy as I have so many different levels of students that I train.

Outline the highlights of your education program for the year 2020?
We have several highlights in Medispa Solutions 2020 training calendar but a stand out event that our clients always love is our Medtech symposium. 

Medtech Symposium 2020 is two jam packed days of technology training and live demonstrations. The event fills up fast every year and clients from all over Australia and New Zealand fly in to learn the newest procedures from across the globe. This event is open to all industry professionals. We spend copious amounts of hours training every year as it is an integral part of our business. 

Medtech Symposium 2020 will be hosted on the 30+31 May. Early bird tickets are available until the end of February at $299, it includes morning tea, all notes, tote bag, certificate issued by a nano scientist, awards dinner and gift valued at $100. 

Some of the topics include: 

SHR, In-Motion HIFU, LED, Microhydrabrasion, Laser, Fat Freeze and Dr Wraps. 

We also have business segments and advanced skin diagnostics. Medispa Solutions is also offering three new advanced
trainings on In-Motion HIFU / Microhydrabrasion and Xlase. These trainings are for all clients that have attended the basic courses first. 

The Advanced training courses focused primarily on practical protocols demonstrated on candidates. The advanced trainings will be hosted at the Medispa Solutions head office in Sydney. Medispa Solutions fly nano scientists in to impart the newest leading technology in the marketplace. 

You can download the New 2020 training calendar at www. or you can call Medispa Solutions head office for your training prospectus on +61 2 9894 8068. Our company has also invested in an Online Portal that allows our clients to access training information at any time that suits them. 

All Monday trainings at head office need to be pre booked and paid for to ensure
a spot. We recommend that our clients preplan their trainings at least 6 months in advance.


Mariza Nuttall works with industry insiders to ensure they receive the most thorough education.


What is the biggest challenge when it comes to education?
The biggest challenge when it comes to education is gaining a quick understanding of what level of knowledge the student has. Sometimes I would have students that are all on very different levels which normally means I use a six senses approach. The six senses allows for more interactive training. It provides me with a lot of feedback as I am using a
lot of tactile befores and afters/questioners and games. Constantly getting feedback on how the students are processing the information. All new training modules this year have three parts to them that the students have to complete to receive accreditation. 

No 1: A Practical assessment is
first done.
No 2: A theory assessment needs to be completed which normally includes a multiple choice questionnaire.
No 3: Case studies need to be submitted on at least three clients.

How do you as an educator keep ahead of the game and up with the latest trends?
Keeping up is very important to me. I am connected globally. As I trained for French Product houses years ago and I was fortunate enough to travel and work in many different countries. I attend many trainings globally so traveling is always a big part of my calendar!

I am also Internationally Qualified with Cidesco & British Confederation and am an accredited Aesthetician by Camelot International. I make sure I undertake many new different international trainings every year normally to keep myself current and ahead with technology.

How important is it for members of the beauty industry to stay updated and further their education?
Our industry is one of the fastest growing industries due to technological advances and discoveries. If you really think about it, our consumers want advanced treatments and they are prepared to pay for them – so they are driving the technological treatments too! Fortunately Medispa Solutions clients are clients that generally love to learn and therefore attend trainings very often. 

Medispa Solutions also has a one year training attached to all equipment purchased from the company – even though this initiative is very costly and time consuming, clients are given time to really learn that new technology they have invested in.


Training Accreditation: Aesthetics diploma Camelot international Cidesco 95135.21
Confederation of international cosmetology Qualified international Trainer BIotec italia Laser qualification Sydney dermal college Psychology 1& 2 prac Tara 

MediSpa Solutions offer trainings every Monday. All our clients are more than welcome to attend. Many trainers from TAFE and private colleges attend these trainings and use our IP
in their own training classes which has a positive impact on our industry. 

80 per cent of Medispa Solutions turn over comes from equipment sales. The company is known for quality equipment that delivers results. 

The company hosts Medtech Symposium every year. Which is regarded as a highly educational event to the aesthetic market. 

This event was designed to make sure our clients stay at the forefront of technology. The event has evolved and became a fun event whereby clients can connect, share and become an industry family!

Medispa Solutions is the sole distributor for Biotec Italia in Australia and NZ. The company has built strong global ties with educating bodies and principals. 


Mariza Nuttall, International Trainer at MediSpa Solutions


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