After 16 years in the industry, RefectoCil’s Hayley Sultana says the key to staying ahead of the game is to keep learning from innovators.

How important is it for members of the beauty industry to stay updated and further their education?
Knowledge is power, even after 16 years in the industry I personally am always keen to learn and share the latest trends and treatments from industry innovators, colleagues and other educators. One of the greatest things about the beauty industry is that it is constantly evolving with new and exciting products and treatments being introduced. It is vital to not only keep up to date with the current trends but also to upskill so that we can deliver the most innovative and best treatments to our clients. I truly believe that training and education fuels confidence and passion within the beauty industry and is essential, regardless of whether you are a student at the beginning of your career journey, salon owner, manager, therapist or educator.

How do you ‘train the trainers’ and ensure they are up to date with the latest global advances and findings?
As RefectoCil Australia’s National Educator I have had the pleasure of developing the Australian training manual and have delivered both practical and theoretical training to RefectoCil distributors, trainers, salon staff, managers and Tafe students across Australia and New Zealand. This includes RefectoCil product knowledge, RefectoCil Lash Lift and the Lash and Brow creative mixing master classes, Skype training sessions, face to face education and ongoing technical support. 


After 16 years in the industry, Hayley believes that knowledge is power.


Apart from ‘skills and facts’ in your training courses, what else (values, goals, ambitions) do you try to instil/develop/ encourage in therapists? Why?
Whilst technical expertise and practical skills development are core component in our training and education programs at RefectoCil Australia, we believe therapists also need to be mindful of the unique extra touches to their services that make their clients feel pampered. 

This is something that we encourage and promote in all our training classes. During our master classes we are always demonstrating ways to make clients feel special and have our RefectoCil treatments stand out above the rest. We educate therapists on advanced consultations which includes appropriate aftercare for optimal lash and brow health. 

Therapists that offer personalised treatments with a point of difference create a memorable salon experience. An example of this is to use products such as RefectoCil Skin Protection Cream & Eye Mask with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E during a lash lift treatment to elevate the service. 

These small touches along with up skilling really do take your salon treatments to the next level which in turn helps build a loyal customer base.

Traditionally the ways of delivering education were via conferences, face to face classes can you tell us how the industry has evolved to deliver online education?
Online education allows the therapist to choose the most appropriate learning environment at the most convenient time. This may be in a salon alongside other therapists where ideas  can be bounced around or out of hours in the comfort of home surroundings. Additionally, the evolution of online forums allows immediate access to information exchanges which allow greater inclusion.



Training and accreditation
RefectoCil Trainer Hayley Sultana obtained a Diploma in Beauty Therapy in 2005 as well
as a Certificate IV in Nail Technology and Certificate IV in Makeup & Creative Artistry .
In 2015 her love for the beauty industry as well as her passion for training and passing on her knowledge and skills to others led her to obtain a Certificate IV in Training and Education. 

Years in the industry
Hayley has been in the Beauty industry for 16 years. Her career has allowed her to perfect
her skills working in a boutique salon offering a wide range of beauty services and a busy Medi-Spa in the heart of the Sydney CBD. She has taught Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy and managed and trained up to 70 staff across NSW & QLD as an area development manager and trainer. Hayley is now the national Educator for RefectoCil Australia and has developed training manuals and delivered training across Australian and New Zealand. 

Educational areas of specialty
Hayley’s area of speciality is the Lash and Brow sector of the industry. Brow shaping, lash styling and creative colour mixing to create a customized treatment plan for clients is something that she has always had a passion for and excelled at. 

Hayley Sultana is a Rectofil Trainer at RefectoCil Australia. Visit

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