What has been your most popular treatment utilizing technology in the past few years and how have you marketed this?
In the recent years the demand and popularity for minimally invasive non-surgical cosmetic procedures have increased especially for procedures which have minimum downtime. Ablative resurfacing lasers are less popular for treating scars, photoaging
and laxity. Their disadvantages include bleeding, oozing, significant downtime, increased risk of hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation. Therefore, non-ablative lasers have developed to overcome these disadvantages however they proven to be
less effective in treating acne scarring, wrinkles, rhytids and skin laxity as they could get diffracted and scattered. 

That makes radiofrequency technology which use electric current rather than light to create dermal thermal damage and skin rejuvenation to gain popularity at ocean cosmetics. Radiofrequency technology provide great results in regards to skin laxity and skin tightening with less side effects and no downtimes. 

Micro needling Radiofrequency, Vivace, is by far the most popular treatment in our clinic, ocean cosmetic. It combines micro needling with bipolar radiofrequency which becoming our cornerstone in treating active acne, acne scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, open pores, facial redness and stretch marks with an added benefit of general skin tightening.Vivace has hardly any downtime, and minimum complications and is suitable for all skin types.

What are your major consideration when investing in technology?
The major considerations for us as one Perth’s leading Cosmetic clinic are
• Efficacy including the research and development behind it.
• The ability to manage different conditions ie active acne, acne scarring, pore reduction, fine wrinkle etc. Low side effects and complications risks and minimum down time.

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