There are several factors to consider when shopping for new devices with the main concerns being around function, quality of manufacturing and price point. With the speed at which beauty trends and treatments are advancing, it is often tempting to purchase the cheapest device or the device that does it all. But don’t forget – if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. 

Devices designed for multiple treatment types and services are most likely using a power output optimised for one type of treatment, but that is not necessarily best for all treatment functions. There is also going to be additional wear on the device as a result of using it more frequently. The lifespan of the device will therefore be decreased, along with the frequency required to service it. If a single treatment device breaks or requires servicing, this will only affect your salon’s ability to book one type of service. By comparison, relying on a single device to perform multiple treatments on your service menu, you may find that you experience a greater loss of income and disruption to operations when it comes time to service or repair the device. 

There is also the matter of scheduling your clients’ treatments. If you run a busy salon with multiple rooms and multiple staff members, you may run into issues when scheduling client bookings, and struggle to avoid double-booking the device. Keep in mind also that devices that perform multiple treatment functions will have more settings to master and a larger chance of using incorrect settings by mistake. You will therefore need to invest more in training for each treatment type, which may or may not be supplied by the device manufacturer. By the time you master every setting on the device, it may be time to switch to the next new trending salon treatment. 

It’s often a tough choice to make for both salon owners and sole trading beauty therapists when it comes time to purchase a new device. It’s an exciting time, full of potential growth and plans of future income, but also a stressful time as the decision will affect the next few years of your salons’ operations and your clients’ results. As a distributor for Purebeau Australia, we offer both single treatment and multi treatment devices, so that’s not to say that multi-treatment devices don’t have a place.

This article first appeared in the January/February issue of Professional Beauty magazine. Download the issue here.

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