New Manifico Pre + Post Lotions

MANifico now features its own pre and post waxing lotions with a fresh yet masculine scent and the understated sexiness of sandalwood. They’re a pleasure to work with while they soothe and protect sensitive male skin. MANifico Skin Cleanser  |  250ml With Australian Sandalwood, Tazman Berry and Witch Hazel A gentle refreshing skin cleanser with […]

Hydrate and Inflate

Abundantly hydrating, this serum boosts the skin’s ability to collect and retain vital moisture. Hyaluronic Acid is the key ingredient that keeps the skin smooth and soft and will saturate the skin with hydration. Clinic Care / Dermaenergy 1300 799 709

The Latest in Lash Lift Aftercare

A superior lash or brow service should include aftercare. RefectoCil care balm is designed to condition lashes post treatment for long lasting results. Care balm will strengthen lashes overnight.

A full body photobiomodulation experience

The new TOTAL Xen rejuvenation booth utilises Red and Near Infra-Red Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) to deliver a whole-body photo-biomodulation experience within a fast 8 to 15-minute session. The Total Xen is the optimal whole body photobiomodulation experience, leaving patients feeling soothed and restored. The Red and NIR LED’s used are within the optical window […]

Warming Thermal Oil

With warming Wintergreen, Menthol and Camphor Extracts, this is ideal pre and post physical activity to relieve tired muscles. Recommended for: Muscle injuries, aches and pains, Pre and post physical activity, Headaches and migraines, Arthritis pain. Featured Ingredients: Capsicum Extract- Capsaicin extract (from Capsicum) temporarily depletes substance P, the neurotransmitter that signals pain. Provides a […]

epi nouvelle+, the microbiome mask

  The epi nouvelle+ naturelle facial masks is a unique facial mask made in Germany of a skin-friendly biomaterial obtained from raw vegetable materials. This natural, renewable biopolymer of 100% pure cellulose has unique material properties due to its nanostructured fibre network. epi nouvelle+ naturelle facial masks have a moisturising, cooling and soothing effect on […]

Anti-Blemish Facial Spritzer Actively Reduces Acne Lesions

Acneic skin is damaged and dry skin. This usually exacerbates when acne sufferers believe their comedomes are created by oily skin, leading them to use foaming cleansers which further dry their skin. Salubre Cosmeceuticals Flawless range is formulated to hydrate and rejuvenate dry, damaged acneic skin via non-comedogenic herbal extracts and healing oils. The combination […]

Healite II the leader of light

Healite II is a second-generation Light Emitting Diode (LED) phototherapy system that works by harnessing light energy and transmitting this into skin at particular wavelengths, targeting an array of skin concerns with amazing results. Developed by Dr Glen Calderhead, the forefather of LED, Lutronic’s Healite II mobilises the properties of 830/590 light via LED technology. […]

Serum Total Brightening

Innovative brightening complex, a unique combination of melatonin inhibitors that blur the visibility of spots and promote an even tone.   Crystalhyal – pure hyaluronic acid of botanical origin Oda White – brightening complex of dioic acids that decreases tyrosinase Bearberry extract – antioxidant that inhibits melanin accumulation in skin Quintasine – innovative peptide with antioxidant properties boosts skin’s […]

100% Natural Luminescence Skin Brightening Serum

Acne scars, ageing and sun exposure can all cause those unsightly, stubborn dark spots, but don’t worry, we’ve got a solution! Salubre Cosmeceuticals’ Luminescence Skin Brightening Serum has been specially formulated with skin brightening and rejuvenating nutrients such as Bearberry extract and Gigawhite ® to reduce melanin production to actively reduce dark spots in just […]

VOESH® Silver Glow Modeling Mask

Barneys Salon Supplies with VOESH® New York brings you the VOESH® Modeling Gel Mask. The most advanced gel-type modeling mask treatment. Premium Facial Care – Instant Skin Booster – Easy Add-on Service.

Cape York Amber Beaded Hot Wax

Jax Wax Australia’s Cape York Amber Beaded Hot Wax is a plant based translucent golden wax which, like pure amber, allows you to see the hair through the wax once applied.  This wax has been formulated to suit the removal of fine vellus hair making it ideal for facial waxing. Colour free and fragrance free […]

Blossom PureGloss Lip Gloss

Is it time to refresh your makeup bag with luminous new shades? A curation of rich hues and warm jewel tones add an element of autumnal spice to your beauty wardrobe. Blossom PureGloss Lip Gloss – An ultra-feminine hot pink lip gloss that conditions and hydrates while adding a sheer wash of coral to add that luxe, […]

Cape York Amber Strip Wax

Jax Wax Australia’s new Cape York Amber Strip Wax is a clear plant-based wax and the perfect choice for all your salon waxing.

Lift Summum Treatment

1 TREATMENT for an instant lifting effect 3 TREATMENTS for a lifting effect and long-lasting firmness Can be combined with other GUINOT treatments and products as part of a treatment course With age, the skin tends to become thinner and loose firmness. A decline in elastin and collagen fibres, which support the skin and give […]

CoolFeet Rejuvenating Pedimask

Blended with Australian Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint Oil and Menthol, Cool Feet Rejuvenating Pedimask is an aromatherapeutic, refreshing foot mask that soothes and relaxes the skin whilst improving circulation and reviving the skin. Natural Look CoolFeet is a complete pedicure experience not only to soothe and nourish the feet, but to help calm the spirit […]

The must-have HEALTHY Lash Lift

The UK’s number #1 lash brand, Nouveau Lashes, has launched its revolutionary LVL Lash Lifting Treatment and award-winning training in Australia. LVL (which stands for Lift / Volume / Length) is unlike any other lash lift product on the market today, adopting a health-first approach to lashes to create a stunning lift that lasts up […]


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