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Why you must be authentic to your brand and your business.

The Age Factor

QUESTION: The skin care industry has witnessed an expansion in demand from older consumers to a growing younger consumer base. People are beginning to use skin care at an increasingly young age in a bid to delay the signs of ageing. What actions are skin care companies taking to address these changes? LEARNING: Prevention is […]

Keeping up with the latest technology

QUESTION: How can salons keep up with all the latest technology, when there are new models entering the market all the time? Do they run the risk that their new device, which is usually a considerable capital investment will be obsolete in a year or two? LEARNING: Today’s society is dominated by the idea of […]

Dealing with Different Types of Customers

QUESTION: Which products, processes & educational programs should be deployed to accommodate a variety of clients from a broad range of racial, religious or cultural backgrounds with specific sensitivities? LEARNING: Salon, clinic, spa owners and therapists have to deal with a variety of different customers, but regardless of who you are treating, respect is the most […]

Navigating a changing retail landscape

QUESTION – How does a professional beauty brand get a sense of solidity when influencing factors continue to change so rapidly, from the target market right through to the retail landscape to the competition and the methods of communicating? LEARNING – Continue to be open-minded, with new technologies and the new opportunities, but stay true […]

Meet Our Industry Roundtable #2 Suppliers

Find out what our four suppliers – Jax Wax Australia’s Tina Copland, Marque of Brands’ Cameron Campbell, Advanced Beauty Australia’s Roman Garai and Linda Meredith Skincare’s Rory Houston – had to say at the second Professional Beauty Roundtable, focused on staff motivation, by watching their profiles below.   Jax Wax Australia’s Tina Copland   Marque […]

The BEST business advice

Question: As a professional in the beauty industry, what is the single best piece of business advice that’s been shared with you throughout your career? LEARNING – ALWAYS SEEK ADVICE AND GUIDANCE. Everyone had some great advice to share. Gry said having the knowledge that everyone is replaceable had been liberating, while Anna said understanding cash-flow […]


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