The Impact of Green Beauty

QUESTION: In response to consumers becoming more aware of what they were putting on their bodies global brands are looking at how they incorporate more natural and sustainable ingredients to their ranges, as well as how their choice of packaging impacts our environment. What impact is the green beauty trend having on the skin care […]

The best piece of technology for your salon

QUESTION: There are huge number of devices available for purchase. If a salon was looking to introduce just one piece of technology, what would your recommendations be and why? LEARNING: One size does not fit all when it comes to choosing a piece of equipment. It’s about having a bespoke solution. Kaz recommended a laser […]

National Standards

GUEST QUESTION – from Tina Viney at APAN: Often new procedures have no recognised training standards. Should the industry set up a body or board with its own self-regulatory credentials? How else can we protect the integrity of our industry professionalism? LEARNING: There’s no disagreement about the need for national standards or a regulatory body. […]

Maintaining strong, consistent management

Question: A lack of strong, consistent management is one of the top reasons for an employee to leave. What tactics have you found effective in encouraging internal communication with salon staff that has led to increased performance? What role can a supplier play in mentoring salon owners so that they can best lead their teams? […]

How important is a marketing plan?

Question: How important is it for a salon to design and implement a marketing plan? Which marketing elements are absolutely crucial for inclusion? LEARNING – A MARKETING PLAN IS ESSENTIAL Our participants discusses the importance of social media, website optimisation, email marketing, in-salon promotions and much more. The votes were unanimous, that yes, EVERYONE needs […]


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