If you were previously in the fortunate position of being able to outsource your PR and marketing to a third party but can no longer afford that luxury, there’s a good chance you don’t know where to start.

Yes, salons are closed, but that’s not a reason to put a brake on your marketing and PR efforts, even if you’re suddenly going solo on that front.

Here’s how to take control of your marketing, save cash and get the results you’re after.

Master the press release
Give an overview of your salon, including any unique services or treatments. Include your own credentials, and highlight your availability to be called upon to provide comment on any of the media’s upcoming beauty stories. In fact, go one step further and pitch a story yourself. “Beauty editors are always looking for new voices to feature in their stories, and new treatments,” says marketing expert Nicola Greyson. “If possible, craft something specific for each editor, rather than sending a blanket email; no one wants to receive the same story idea that’s been sent to every media outlet.”

Social media is your friend
It’s cheap, it’s effective and it’s where your customers are living while they’re in lockdown. “Create a social media schedule, whereby you will post an update every day, featuring your services, your advice for maintaining their eyebrows, nails or fake tan while at home. Make it relevant and not feel like a sell. That’s how you’ll build up your audience,” says Nicola.

Grow your database
It’s imperative that you grow a reliable database, so that your marketing efforts are directed to an updated, relevant market. Consider spending your lockdown time creating your database from existing clients, as well as offering a refer-a-friend incentive to grow your list. “Once you’ve got your list, use it. Engage and communicate with them, but keep it relevant; you don’t want to annoy or spam your database,” says Nicola.

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