Whether your staff has been stood down, or are working remotely from home, as their employer, their mental health needs to be your priority.

Even if you have applied for JobKeeper and have somewhat eased your staff’s financial panic, the cause for concern doesn’t stop there. 

This is the first global pandemic that our workforce has lived through. Employees are nervous about their income, the stability of their role, and what life post-Coronavirus has in store for them. More than ever, it’s time to take stock of your team’s wellbeing, and be proactive about stepping in when needed.

Salons are generally made up of small teams. Many are tight-knit, and to suddenly find yourself alone can be off-putting for many. Add to that the level of stress we are collectively experiencing, and you have the makings of a very anxious situation.

“It’s really important for managers and business owners to understand that extended periods of isolation can be damaging to someone’s mindset,” says Jan Grace, a clinical psychologist. “When someone is isolated, their mind can go into overdrive, focusing on negative outcomes and sometimes obsessing over those.”

Suggest weekly Zoom meetings, to check in on staff members, or schedule in one-on-one phone calls to check in and make sure everyone is feeling ok.

It’s important staff your staff understand that help is at hand if they need it. “They may not be comfortable coming to you, but it’s still your responsibility to point them in the right direction,” says Jan. “Send a group email, checking in and updating on the situation at work. Without singling anyone out, highlight that you understand that this is really tough and that spending this long alone isn’t a normal thing to expect from people. And then include directives to help lines such as Beyond Blue, or Life Line.”



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