From the bushfires to COVID, 2020 has been a chaotic year, leaving salon owners with the necessity of having a crisis media plan, and quickly becoming aware of the value of a public profile when it comes to letting people know about their services, advocating for change, or becoming industry and community leaders.

A communications agency in Melbourne understands that responding to these media and communications questions is not a nice to have but is absolutely front and centre for many businesses and organisations.

Good Talent Media (GTM) – staffed by ex-broadcast and print journalists, crisis media consultants, and registered political lobbyists – is offering a free ten-week course to salon owners, helping them to navigate their way out of the minefield that has been 2020.

Taking place from October 9 to December 11, the course covers:

  • How to write a press release
  • How PR can make you the go-to voice for your industry
  • From zero to hero
  • How to campaign effectively 
  • Why crisis media plans are the new insurance 
  • Conducting a crisis risk audit
  • Establishing a crisis media management team
  • How to turn a crisis situation around
  • The relationship between SEO and PR
  • How to be a confident spokesperson

“We understand this is a confusing, uncertain and overwhelming time for many organisations,” said Director of GTM, Tony Nicholls.  “COVID-19 has thrown companies into a whirlwind and we are taking this opportunity to give something back to the community, showing organisations how effective PR and crisis communications can be in reversing negative publicity into trust and confidence.”

Launching on October 9, the series will consist of ten weekly 30-minute sessions held by media professionals who have combined experience of over 40 years with publications such as ABC, SBS, 10, the Sydney Morning Herald, AAP, Crikey, and The Guardian.

Salon owners interested in attending GTM’s Media Masterclass can get in touch at or 1300 258 995. 

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