We’ve been locked down since March, and with our re-opening so close we can smell it, chances are we’re ready to hit the ground running.

That said, overdoing it in an attempt to “make up” for the time we’ve lost has the potential to result in burnout.

Coined the ‘21st Century Syndrome’ thanks to the huge number of individuals that overwork themselves to the point of breakdown, the World Health Organisation has reclassified the condition as an official syndrome.

Here’s how you can avoid it, for you and your staff.

Keep your staff to their hours
There’s a good chance your staff are rattled, and want to assure you that they’re committed to their job. “They’re going to be unsettled for some time,” says human resources expert Lynne Chang. “They’re going to be worried that once JobKeeper runs out, are they going to lose their job? Are you going to be looking to make redundancies? As a result, they may take on additional hours, arrive early and stay late, in an attempt to show you their dedication. But this isn’t maintainable. Speak to your team. Tell them that you’ll be clear and honest with them as the situation unfolds, but that in the meantime, they need to take care of themselves. And that means clocking off after their shift.”

Give yourself a break
We know, that’s easier said than done, especially when you’re trying to get your livelihood back on track. But slowing down will help you to move forward. “Working yourself to the point of breakdown isn’t going to be good for your or your business,” says Lynne. “Lock in time where you switch off from work. Give your mind a rest, do something you enjoy. Having a small break will give you more clarity and you’ll be more efficient as a result.”

Talk it out
We’ve never existed in conditions like these. And we’re not out the other end yet. But talking about your concerns can help them to seem lighter. “Speak with a therapist, or a mentor, or even a colleague,” says Lynne. “Sharing your worries or concerns with someone that has the tools to put you at ease and help you to switch off can be a huge help.” 

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