It seems pretty unfathomable, but it’s a fact that there are cybercriminals looking to cash in on the coronavirus pandemic.

Reports suggest that hackers are targeting remote workers, as their home computers are more vulnerable. The reports suggest that the emails from hackers are disguised as “important Coronavirus updates”, encouraging workers to click on the link. Once clicked, the hacker accesses passwords and gains access to your business details. So if you’re working on your business while in lockdown, you need to be aware.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s Scamwatch reported that since January 1 it had received 94 reports of coronavirus-related scams, and this figure could rise.


Working from home computers has created an opportunity for cyber criminals.


Beware cryptolicker attacks
Cryptolocker-based attacks are an advanced form of cyberattack that can bypass traditional countermeasures, including antivirus software. This is because they’re designed and built by advanced cybercriminals.

Infections from a cryptolocker virus  can happen when people open unknown attachments, sent in emails.

If you unwittingly activate cryptolocker malware while browsing the internet or reading an email, this could first take out your home network, then spread to your business network, and to other attached home networks.

“This can happen if their device is connected to the workplace network via a VPN,” says tech expert Simon Harrison. “This makes the home device an extension of the business network, and the virus can bypass any advanced barriers the corporate network may have.”


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