While much of the directive is common-sense based, such as wearing masks where possible and sanitising often, artists are finding that certain guidelines are putting a financial burden on their hip pocket.

Marley Angus, a Melbourne-based make-up artist, has had to resort to purchasing single-use make-up brushes, at a cost that greatly affects her bottom line. “There are certain things that I have always used disposable versions of, such as mascara and brow spoolies, but you just don’t get great quality with disposable foundation brushes or eyeshadow and contouring brushes,” the freelance make-up artists says. But, she says, it’s impossible to properly sanitise her much loved brushes to the degree required to combat any possibility of COVID transmission. “Plus, soaking them in alcohol that often would just ruin them,” she says.

In addition, double-dipping is a big no-no. And that may sound like easy enough advice to follow, until you consider an eyeshadow palette or the like. “We’re needing to dig out lumps of eye shadow from the palette and put it into a petri dish and use that, rather than placing the used brush back onto the palette, which is fine in theory, but the amount of wastage is huge,” Marley says.

As frustrating as the wastage and the additional outlay of cash is, Marley concedes that the alternative – not being able to work, or worse, passing on the COVID 19 virus – isn’t worth the risk. “Look, everyone’s losing out at the moment. We just need to find a way to do our work safely, and be happy that we’re working at all.”

Some COVIDSafe tips for make-up artists:

  1. Never put lashes on a client if they have been worn by another person. You cannot sanitise eyelashes.
  2. Never double dip.
  3. Always use disposable sponges and mascara wands.
  4. Sanitise everything with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol.
  5. If you double dip into a product, throw it away.
  6. Use disposable brushes if you can’t properly sanitise between clients.
  7. Carry hand sanitiser in your kit. Wash your hands with soap and water between clients. This is more effective than using hand sanitiser only.
  8. Never use lipstick from the tube on clients. Scrape a bit with your spatula onto a palette and use a brush or disposable lip brushes.

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