As salon owners, it’s pretty easy to keep a log of who has had a treatment on our premises. Booking systems generally require a name and contact number. But what about the foot traffic; the members of the public that wander in to make an enquiry and then leave again? Or the passerby that pops in and buys a product off the shelf? Chances are, you don’t have the contact details of those people. And that can be tricky if you find yourself in the situation of having to trace every person that step foot in your salon at a particular time or on a particular day.

While most businesses in the hospitality industry – including restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs – have been ordered by the government to record there details of every patron for COVID-tracing purposes, that order hasn’t yet reached the beauty industry, though business expert Chantelle Biam says salon owners should be doing this regardless.

“As the gatekeeper of your salon, it’s your responsibility to ensure you’re able to assist in any tracing activity, should anyone that enters your salon is diagnosed with COVID-19,” Chantelle says. “But that said, many customers aren’t comfortable writing their contact details on a note pad for other patrons to see.”

In fact, a study by SafeEntry, a touch-free check-in solution, suggested that 40 per cent of business owners said visitors didn’t feel comfortable giving out their personal details on paper.

“Check-in apps, like SafeEntry, don’t rely on bluetooth or GPS technology,” says Chantelle. “It’s not a tracing app, which tends to make people feels anxious about their privacy. Rather, it’s a check-in app. Customers simply scan a QR code with their phone, which takes them to a site where they can input their details.”

There are a variety of QR code-led apps for checking in, giving customers peace of mind about their privacy, and salon owners the confidence that they’ve kept tabs on everyone that enters the salon.

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