Aesthetics and Beauty Industry Council makes government correspondence on pandemic policy available to all

According to the Aesthetic and Beauty Industry Council of Australia, last week they has started to make their correspondence with government available to the whole beauty industry, in the interest of transparency and to also encourage industry professionals to give them feedback/share concerns so that the ABIC can fight for you. Your voice needs to be heard and you need to be kept informed of the industries progress at every step of the way.

“The first question we are asked in Government meetings is; “how many members do you represent?” Industries such as Hospitality have tens of thousands of members. Hairdressing has thousands of members, and even Gyms & Recreation have many thousands of members.

Our industry represents over 105,000 professionals and even though ABIC is the fastest growing beauty and aesthetic organisation, and now arguably one of the largest since our launch just 3 months ago, we will still have less than 800 members that have joined us for the year of 2021/2022, which is very low compared to other industries,” says Stefanie Milla, ABIC CEO and Founder of Dermalist skincare, in the ABIC’s most recent correspondence.

You can see the most recent ABIC progress and communication with the government here and can also find out information about becoming a member of the ABIC as an Australian beauty or aesthetic professional.

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