There’s a high likelihood that, given the months-long lockdown the beauty industry has experienced, many salon owners will have either had to let staff go, or have had staff find alternative work. Regardless of the reasons, there may be a chance that salon owners will be needing to hire staff, fast. 

The government hasn’t provided any guidelines on the correct procedure to interview and hire for new staff at this time, but there are ways to reduce risk and contact throughout the process.

Conduct the first interviews via video
Just as in pre-Covid times, there’s a good chance that you’ve come up with a short-list from your initial applications. “There’s really no need to meet each of these candidates face to face,” says recruitment expert, Judy Gandlan. “Really, the first round of interviews is to weed out the candidates you’re not keen on pursuing. Book in a Zoom call with each person, and shorten your list from there,” she says.

Create a scenario-based task
Once you’ve created a shortlist, contact them with a list of tasks to complete. “Ordinarily, these would be second-interview questions, but you can mix this up a bit and give them some time to create a presentation,” says Judy. “Rather than carry out a second interview, have the, spend a few days creating a presentation based on the task. Maybe it’s dealing with a difficult customer, or  facing conflict with colleagues. Role-playing it – via Zoom – will give you a chance to see a bit more of their character as well as their strengths.”

Check references
In usual circumstances, this is the last part of the process. But assuming the candidate gives you the go-ahead, it’s not a bad idea to carry this one prior to a face-to-face meeting. “The idea is to only meet the people who tick absolutely every box,” says Judy. “So while you would usually check references after meeting a candidate, if they’re happy for you to do so, use the opportunity to get feedback from previous employers before you commit to a trial.”

The face-to-face
If a candidate has performed well in the previous steps, it’s time to meet them. Ideally, carry the one-on-one out once salons have opened, so that you’re able to request they carry out a trial. As with anyone that enters your salon, ensure you carry out a temperature check, enquire as to any health concerns, and encourage them to download the COVIDSafe app.

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