While employees generally know that their employment contracts are integral to proving the ins and outs of their tenure, those signed pieces of paper are just as important for salon owners. They can protect you during disputes with staff, and against potential litigation.

Here’s what you need to know.

The essentials
While the employer and employee can flesh out any number of additional perks or arrangements, here are some basic points that must be included in every employment contract.

  • The date the employment began, and an end date if necessary
  • Responsibilities and the level which they should be carried out
  • Details of al leave (annual, family, sick), broken down into paid and unpaid
  • Details of probation period
  • Native periods for resignation, termination and redundancy
  • Policy regarding disclosure of confidential information

Employer responsibilities 
While this is helpful for your staff to know, it will also protect you if and when a staff member accuses you of falling short of your responsibilities. You are obliged to provide a safe working environment, free of discrimination. You are legally required to pay fairly for all work carried out in your salon, and provide training and mentorship where required. You can be held to account if you fail to meet these requirements.

Know your rights
As an Australian employer, salon owners have the right to dismiss staff for a breach of contract, not meeting performance requirements, or ill-treatment of a fellow staff member.
Providing a clear contract that highlights your expectations as well as your deal-breakers should leave no area of confusion if and when an employee’s tenure comes to a planned or abrupt end.

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