Derma Aesthetics is celebrating a decade in business this year. Co-Founders, Reika Roberts and Simone Vescio reflect…

Tell us about when you introduced dermaviduals & Corneotherapy to Australia
Simone: We’ve always done things our way and have never wavered with our standards or values, no matter what might be considered the next fad or trend within the industry.  When we first introduced dermaviduals and the skin treatment philosophy of Corneotherapy to the Australian and New Zealand market, we were basically laughed at.  After all, peeling and microdermabrasion was seen as the only way to achieve fresh, glowing skin! No one was particularly interested in preserving the epidermis.  Certainly, there was little concern for product ingredients and whether any might actually be influencing cells and systems in a negative way.

Reika: We’ve since seen the industry turned on its head, with the focus now firmly on maintaining the skin barrier. This is tremendously satisfying, and we like to think that derma aesthetics has played a large role in bringing about this positive change.

Education is one of the main tenets of derma aesthetics, can you tell us why?
Reika: Education is at the core of all we do at derma aesthetics. We never stop furthering our own knowledge and then sharing what we learn with our customers. We always encourage them to continually question what is marketed towards them. This ensures that they are informed and in turn passionate clinicians. Educating our partner clinics brings us much joy, as does creating opportunities for like-minded skin treatment therapists to unite, learn and better this amazing industry.

Simone: Education is actually the foundation of how we, as a company, came about as well. Reika and I met at an advanced skin education seminar hosted by Florence Barrett-Hill. Over a shared love of skin, derma aesthetics was born! 10 years later and we are constantly working towards advancing the level of knowledge in cosmetic chemistry, advanced skin analysis and Corneotherapy throughout Australia and New Zealand, now hosting a range of virtual training, given the current climate! We strive to ensure best practice and to train a new generation of engaged and inspired therapists. We are proud to be known as a provider of quality education designed for enhancing post-graduate knowledge. We are passionate about the structure of the skin & how to make it function at its best. It’s so rewarding seeing skin treatment therapists develop and adopt this same passion for the skin and beauty industry. 

Reika: We’ve also always stayed resolute on the standard of partners we bring on board. We’re thrilled that lots of clinics want dermaviduals in their clinic, but if they can’t demonstrate a certain standard of knowledge or commitment to education, then unfortunately that clinic isn’t for us. With ‘like attracting like’, our derma aesthetics staff have the same values of education and knowledge.

What drives your passion for customer service?
Simone: Coming from a clinic background, I know exceptional customer service is vital.  The support you receive from your product distributors can make or break your business. Reika and I set out to provide service and support that made a real difference to the industry. Our partners tell us that any other distributor doesn’t offer our bespoke business solutions and the support we provide. One of our partners was kind enough to send this through to us: “I can say with no hesitation that it [partnering with derma aesthetics] is the best decision I have made for the salon to date. The products are of course amazing, but I have to talk about the customer care we have been given from the time of my initial enquiry to becoming a stockist to date. Every single person I have spoken to along the way has been terrific. The culture in this company is obviously fantastic from the top all the way through because you just don’t get this level of overall care without that! Our BDM is by far the best that I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with… We have been totally taken care of and feel confident and assured with the derma team by our side. It is a very scary time opening a salon with many unknowns and I wish I’d had this level of customer support from the start of my clinic days. Thank you everyone at derma aesthetics for your passion in helping us succeed. It may all be in a day’s work for you, but the kindness and helpfulness you have shown me is actually life changing as I forward with my salon.” 

Reika: We are the proud recipients of multiple global customer service awards, including the MyFaceMyBody Awards. However, we will never rest on our laurels, so this remains a core focus for us.  Our quest to constantly question and stretch ourselves to improve is strong!

With everything being available on the internet now, why have you decided to keep dermaviduals offline?
Reika: By not allowing online sales, we support our industry and the expert status that therapists and aestheticians have accomplished through extensive training and education. dermaviduals was developed by a doctor and a team of scientists and as such is based on proven scientific findings at peer level, as opposed to exploiting concepts for marketing and self-promotion. As professionals, it is essential to be able to identify fact from fiction, information from hype, and honesty within claims. Our partners have particularly appreciated this policy during COVID-19, as our marketing focused on driving consumers to our clinics for their knowledge in online consultations, at-home facials and product top-ups. A clinic partner shared “I’ve only just realised today how lucky we are to have dermaviduals at a time like this! Whilst many of us are closing doors and operating differently, we are still the direct link between our clients and dermaviduals. Instead of scrolling the internet for the cheapest online price for their skincare product, our clients will be looking to us to guide them in the purchase of their products.” 

Simone: Today’s clients are well informed and conduct their own research, but will still look to you, as therapists, for knowledge.  It is imperative that one has a thorough understanding of the product line, ingredients and treatment methodologies you recommend. Our partners love that we don’t allow online sales, ensuring their sales remain in-clinic and the integrity of the product range is not tarnished by consumers using the products without first having a thorough skin analysis and a tailored skin prescription. 

We know that dermaviduals has always been cruelty-free, what inspired this?
Reika: We’re so proud that dermaviduals has never been tested on animals – all test patches are conducted on human volunteers. dermaviduals would have never considered doing it any other way.

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