CULTIVATECO. is the name to watch in cutting-edge, sustainable skincare

Speak to CULTIVATECO. founder Trudy Stone and there’s no questioning the true passion for the planet that fuels her, which, in turn, is present in every facet of her new sustainable skincare business. It would be much easier to create something less sustainable, less dedicated to the circular economy, less willing to give back to the local communities where their ingredients are grown, but that wouldn’t be Trudy’s way. The brand’s efforts to make the world a better place reach far and wide, from the Rio Rayo project in Colombia to creating an eco-regenerative farm in far north Queensland.

She says, “We are a group of professionals with an absolute passion for people and planet.” 

“The CULTIVATECO. story has evolved over many years as passionate people on parallel paths have come together from all over the world and merged their synergistic experiences…. What ties us together is a very genuine commitment to wholistic personal wellness and a healthy planet….

We had a lightbulb moment and committed to an absolutely clean-sheet range of pure plant-based skincare products, using the best available ingredients from around the world.  We knew that we could bring to the table a lot of the key elements…organic, regenerative agriculture, cosmeceutical formulation, skin care and beauty products, wholesale and retail experience, international corporate management, and that we could wrap it up with our experience in developing-nation education, gender equality, social and economic project execution.”

But it’s not just the fact that the brand has true eco-credentials to back up its sustainable skincare claims, from the thought that’s gone into its packaging and formulation to the care it takes with the supply chain and communities the brand reaches. The products are beautiful and the ingredient lists read exactly as you expect they should, coming from a brand with such a clear vision and strong set of values.

CULTIVATECO. skincare product

“There are absolutely no parabens, sulphates, phthalates, animal products, petrochemical derivatives or synthetic fragrances,” says Trudy.  “All CULTIVATECO. products are 100% natural, 100% vegan and cruelty-free and 100% sustainably sourced, and we are on an incredible mission to reach 100% plant-based ingredients in all of our products.”

And all skin types have been considered during formulation too, so products can be used on everyone, even those with sensitive skin, says Trudy. “All of our products are formulated for sensitive skin; something I can attest to with highly reactive and sensitive skin!” The thoughtfulness at play comes through with ingredients like ucuuba, hemp and Kakadu Plum – not yet mainstream but almost sure to be in the near future.  


“Our launch product is our signature serum GLOWRIOUS™; a 100% plant formulation that does it all. It’s the one product I never skip no matter how busy! The range has everything you need, from everyday essentials such as CLEAN CANVAS™ foaming cleanser, and DEWY DAYS™ all-in-1 mist. BALM2CALM™ is another product I have with me everywhere; again a 100% plant ingredient multi-purpose product for lips, skin and even brows and hair. And for your weekly deep clean and exfoliation to allow all of the product to work effectively, our DIG DEEP plant and clay mask reveals renewed, fresh skin.

Your night-time routine is taken care of with our intensive care for eyes I.C.U., and the luxurious CRÈME DE LA CRÈME™ day/night cream for extended hydration.

And your body isn’t left out either! Our rich lathering, smooth as silk BODI BARE™ body wash followed by the soothing hydration of FONDUE ME body butter will leave your whole body beautifully clean, soft and hydrated. I love the lingering aroma I get after using these two products, the scent is so uplifting and fresh.”

The range will be clinically tested this year, which means they also aren’t making claims about anything that isn’t backed by the scientific process, which is often a real problem in the cosmetics and beauty industry. “Every product is rigorously tested for safety and stability during development,” says Trudy, “and we are in the process, within the unpredictable timeframes of a world in revolving lockdowns at the moment, of completing our clinical testing. I look forward to sharing these independent assessments of what our products can do for our customers.” The brand has plans for more product launches later this year as well.

The products are currently available on the brand’s website, and salons, spas and treatment rooms interested in carrying the range to retail or incorporate into their treatment offering can contact the brand for more information at and

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