We can’t argue with the saying, ‘it’s what’s on the inside that matters’ but that shouldn’t diminish the importance of caring for the outside, especially when we’re talking about our skin.

Australian skincare brand Alpha Keri have been trusted for over 50 years with the task of caring for sensitive skin in the harsh Australian climate. With a skincare range that is super hydrating and extra gentle for the whole family, it truly is a brand that understands the important role that our largest organ plays in protecting our bodies.

What’s on the inside?

For decades Australians have been loving the unique formula in the Alpha Keri gentle skincare range. Each product is dermatologically tested, soap-free and non-irritating so it is safe to use on all skin, including skin that is sensitive. This range has been specially formulated to soothe and repair dry and irritated skin, providing nourishment and intense hydration for soft, supple, nurtured skin.

Whilst the packaging of this gentle skincare range has recently had a facelift, the proven formula’s on the inside remains unchanged. Alpha Keri knows that what’s inside the packaging matters when its job is to look after the outside of you.

What’s happened to the outside?

The Alpha Keri brand and packaging has undergone a facelift, revealing a refreshing new look. The newly designed packaging reflects the soothing, super-hydrating formula contained within each product and the beautiful simplicity of healthy, glowing skin.

The new packaging also reflects the changes to some product names in keeping with the clean, fresh and simple look. Loyal customers will be pleased to know that the Skin Hydrating Body Wash is now the Gentle Wash. The Replenishing Shower Cream is now the Body Cleanser. Supple Skin Shower & Body Oil has been renamed the Body & Shower Oil while the Moisture Boost Lotion has become the Moisturising Lotion. The Intensive Recovery Cream is now simply the Intensive Cream. Why the change? Well shorter names makes them simpler and easier to remember.

Slowing things down and keeping it simple

We all want our skin to look its best everyday. If you suffer from dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis or super sensitive skin, then you want reliable skincare that will keep your skin woes under control and soothe it whilst you tackle life’s daily challenges.

Alpha Keri’s multi-tiered approach to skincare allows you to easily care for your outside, keeping you stress free on the inside. The Gentle Wash, Body Cleanser and Body & Shower Oil cleanse your skin gently without stripping it off natural oils whilst providing 24 hours proven hydration. Add any of these to your bath for a gentle and soothing experience. After your bath or shower, the Moisturising Lotion will banish dry scaly skin, lock in much-needed moisture and deliver all day hydration, strengthening your skin barrier.  The Intensive Cream is a rich formulation delivering intensive moisture that is easily absorbed into your skin and does not leave your skin sticky or oily. It is particularly great for problem areas such as hands, knees, heels and elbows giving 24 hour continuous hydration and protection where it’s needed most. So you can rest assured your skin will look and feel amazing all day long with an Alpha Keri skincare routine.

Get on with your busy day while Alpha Keri provides continuous protection enabling your beautiful outside to support and complement what matters on the inside.

For more information visit alphakeri.com.au