The Rezenerate NanoFacial is one of the newest skincare modalities available to the aesthetics market today. It is the culmination of a decade’s worth of research and collaboration between nano- physicists and bio-scientists to create a system that achieves the results of more invasive skincare modalities without the negatives often associated with them.

Rezenerate NanoFacial is the only company using the combination of cutting edge verified nanotechnology, acupressure and cryo-technology to deliver the Best.Facial.Ever!

The multiple award winning Rezenerate Wand Device, which was launched in the US in 2014, is targeted at salons and clinics that currently offer advanced facial services and want “to be at the forefront of new technological advances.”

It has now been launched to the Australian market with tremendous success and has just been introduced to New Zealand beauty therapists.

The Modality is based on three actions (enhanced product infusion, accelerated exfoliation and vibratory massage) which increase product absorption, reduce fine lines and offer a comfortable all-round skin rejuvenating treatment, including previously untreatable areas’ such as eye area and lips. The addition of cryo-therapy at the end of the treatment completes the experience.

One of the advantages of Rezenerate is that it is a Product Neutral System – that is, it can be used with any salon professional skincare range so there is no need for business owners to add another skincare line.  Another advantage of this treatment is that it complements most other modalities available in to therapists in salon. This enables salons to have a differentiating edge to their salon menu and upgrade their signature service to the next level.

Beauty therapists are able to offer a combination of peels, LED Light Therapy, micro-dermabrasion, micro-current and derma-planing  and more with Rezenerate to give their clients an extremely personalised treatment experience which not only feels good but offers unparalleled results, all without pain, trauma, blood or downtime.

Not only is Rezenerate a great service to perform and receive, it has also been welcomed by salon business owners who have shared that it has changed their businesses for the better.

For example Aimee Williams from Total Bliss in NSW’s Deniliquin says Rezenerate has changed her business.

“After just three weeks we had covered the set up cost of Rezenerate,” she says.

“Our clients are loving their results and are booking in for their second and third packages from just introducing Rezenerate in February.

“It has boosted our retail sales and we have gained new clientele through word of mouth.”

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