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Just over a decade ago Health Focus Manufacturers Founder Derelle Mitchell decided that she wanted to create and manufacture beauty products. She started off by creating shampoo and conditioner products and bought the assets of a small contract manufacturing business that was closing down and offered jobs to a few of their employees so that she had some manufacturing technical expertise to underpin her new venture.

After a relatively short period of commuting over an hour to work each way to her newly founded business, Derelle took the big step and purchased a property nearer to home so that she could spend less time in the traffic and more time building her business. So, seven semi trailer loads of equipment later, business commenced at the new premises in the northern Brisbane bayside suburb of Clontarf with a handful of clients and a small team to make their products. Today the business has more than 30 staff and an enviable list of clients, many taking their brands and products to overseas markets.

The business has been built on hard work, employing a great team and developing collaborative partnerships with its clients. Over the past ten years HFM has obtained a number of certifications that can provide clients with great confidence in having their products manufactured by Derelle’s team. After gaining ISO9001 accreditation some eight years ago the business is now certified organic with COSMOS (the European certified organic standard), Australian Certified Organic and the Organic Food Chain. Furthermore, HFM is now also an ISO 22716 Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetics certified business which
is a global pre-requisite for cosmetic and skincare products that are to be to be exported to countries around the world.

The research and development laboratory at HFM is home to a team of four formulating chemists who develop bespoke formulations for products for HFM clients wanting to take new products to market, everything from high end skincare serums through to hair detanglers and deodorants. Today, HFM is a leading Australian contract manufacturer of personal care, skincare and haircare products that works with companies of all sizes to take beautiful products to market.

It has come a long way in 10 years. And there are future plans to build a state-of-the-art GMP/TGA facility for the next phase of growth well into the next decade.

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If you are looking at getting skincare or haircare products formulated and manufactured you can find out more about the business at or by calling the office directly on (07) 3883 1355.

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