If you’ve ever felt like your skincare is lacking in active ingredients or isn’t cutting it when treating and managing skin conditions such as rosacea, psoriasis, acne, neurodermatitis, ichthyosis, couperosis, eczema, dermatitis, chelitis, sensitive skin, scars, dehydrated skin, premature ageing, hyper-pigmentation and stretch marks, then a bespoke skincare range may just be what your clinic is missing.

dermaviduals recognises that just like fingerprints, every skin is unique and therefore its individual needs and concerns require (and deserve!) a solution created especially for it. By adopting a customised approach to skincare, you can streamline your skin prescriptions and treatments, as every ingredient has been handpicked to effectively improve your client’s skin, giving it everything it needs, and nothing it doesn’t.

With a truly bespoke skincare range, such as dermaviduals, treating and managing virtually every skin concern and achieving skin correction with a focus skin health is all possible with one range. dermaviduals is proudly free from fragrances, preservatives, parabens, emulsifiers, artificial colours, mineral oils, silicones and amines. With over 35 pure & active serums, dermaviduals allows skin treatment therapists to tailor cleansers, serums and moisturisers, as well as all in-clinic treatments. Treatment tonics/lotions, eye care and specialised moisturisers also assist your client’s journey to skin health.

Florence Barrett-Hill (Chairman of the IAC and global independent educator says: “In my opinion, dermaviduals is the kind of skin care solution that skin treatment therapists have been waiting for; one that can change your path from being a beauty therapist to a skin care professional… As skin treatment therapists, we know that every skin has its individual needs, and dermaviduals has the ability to fulfil these individual needs, as it is a modular system. At last, the ability to create a bespoke solution for our clients!”

Sound too good to be true? We’ll let these results speak for themselves…

Photos were taken approximately 1 year apart, but results were gained over a 9 month period by dermaviduals partner clinic, La Bella Medispa (Orange).
Results gained after 2.5 weeks. Treated by dermaviduals partner clinic, Balgownie Beauty.
 Results achieved in 1 week. Treated by dermaviduals partner, Wodonga Beauty Room.
Results achieved in 1 month. Treated by dermaviduals partner, The Clear Skin Experts.

If you’d like to introduce bespoke skin solutions into your clinics, dermaviduals is currently offering a FREE fully stocked Mixing Bar (worth $2,555!) with all opening orders over $5,000!

Their world-renowned EXCEED microneedling device is also currently at a very special price, which comes with essential dermaviduals products for microneedling treatments + 8 x needle tips & protective sleeves + education and has a total saving of over $,2000!

Contact derma aesthetics on 1300 420 223 or enquiries@skincorrection.com.au for more information.

These offers are valid until 31 August 2020.