“Dewy” describes a complexion that radiates as gently as if it were covered with morning dew.
Responsible for this “healthy glow” are a lot of valuable, completely vegan ingredients – such as an extract from red maple bark.  This is the first clinically tested cosmetic ingredient that is fully sustainable. 

The kicker: Thanks to its antioxidant, strongly regenerative properties, it provides the skin with more elasticity and resilience.
Other key ingredients: Pre- and probiotics strengthen the skin barrier and act as a protective shield against environmental stress. 

Two products also contain CBD – cannabidiol – which is extracted from the hemp plant. It soothes especially exhausted or irritated skin and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

DOCTOR BABOR CLEANFORMANCE is based on up to 98% organic ingredients and is therefore free of animal ingredients, gluten, lactose, silicone, parabens, mineral oils, microplastics, and synthetic raw materials. 

Because BABOR produces CO2 neutrally anyway, the environment is doubly happy about DOCTOR BABOR CLEANFORMANCE.

Need more clean initiatives? For each of the first 5,000 DOCTOR BABOR CLEANFORMANCE products sold, BABOR will plant a tree near our company headquarters in Aachen. 

Basic Glow
Two cleansing all-rounders take care of your pore-deep facial cleansing and form the ideal basis for the subsequent care. The 2-in-1 Clay Multi Cleanser cleans thoroughly and at the same time very gently Practical: Used as a mask, the skin is freed from excess sebum. The Deep Cleansing Pads are water-activated cleaning pads made of biodegradable material. For perfectly cleansed, clarified skin and a silky soft skin feeling.

The Awakening Eye Cream helps reduce puffiness and conceals dark circles under the eyes.

Calming Glow for Stressed Skin
The following two products contain cannabidiol – CBD for short – and are our new go-to essentials for soothing stressed, irritated skin.

The Phyto CBD Serum soothes rough, exhausted skin with CBD, hemp oil, and almond oil for a fresh, dewy complexion. In addition, the serum is quickly absorbed and supports skin firmness and elasticity.

The Phyto CBD Day Cream protects the skin barrier and improves the condition of stressed and strained skin thanks to its soothing properties. Furthermore, missing lipids in the skin barrier are compensated for.

Moisture Glow for Dry Skin
Serum and cream in combined application prevent the first signs of premature skin aging, conjure up a delicate glow, and even out irregularities in the complexion. 

Thanks to the active ingredient duo of hyaluronic acid and aloe vera, the oil-free Moisture Glow Serum provides intensive and immediate moisture – for hydrated, radiant, and even-looking skin. 

The light Moisture Glow Cream with light-reflecting elements provides a delicate glow and increases the amount of moisture for a long period of time.

Regenerating Glow for Demanding & Tired Skin
The rich revival cream and overnight mask work overnight against the signs of the times.

The Revival Cream Rich supports skin firmness and prevents initial lines, ideal as regenerating care overnight. 

The rich Renewal Overnight Mask strengthens the skin barrier and prevents the first signs of skin aging – and will convince you with its relaxing effect overnight.

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