MEDiSpa Solutions prides itself in distributing bespoke quality technology to the aesthetic and medical industry. A very important department of MEDiSpa Solutions is the training sector, which is revised and redesigned annually to maximise results.

The training department at Medispa Solutions has created a solution pillar to best describe its business philosophy:

S: Staying at the forefront of training that appeals to different types of learners, and ensuring all learning styles and strength
s are taken into consideration when presenting.

O: Optimising protocols to ensure the effective delivery of treatment plans, while always working on the side of caution.

Leverage with nano-scientists and progressive practitioners to
base training on solid case studies that provide results and happy customers.

U: Utilisation of trainers who are properly accredited by manufacturers to deliver thorough training.

T: Technology that is changing the face of the industry – bespoke customers can even order hand-pieces in a bed or in a portable unit, like Xlase or Coax. The results are proven!

I: Incentives for training are in place to help each business owner make on-going training super affordable . With every course attended a training gift and diploma is awarded.

O: Optimism is always a classroom rule, no matter what!

N: Number ONE in making sure our trainees are made to feel they can achieve, and encouraging them to be number one, too!

S: Sound training based on years of constantly updated information, and working closely with nano scientists who are testing technologies daily.

That is MEDiSpa Solutions’ training pillar! Some tips to get the most out of your Monday training:
• Preplan your training for the year ahead.
• Make sure you arrive five minutes before training so you can find parking, stress-free.
• Take notes.
• Ask loads of questions.
• Get involved in feeling the treatment and practicing the treatment.
• Be present! Laugh and have fun whilst learning!

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