When you’re running a busy salon and juggling a hundred balls at once, organisational traps – otherwise known as areas in which you’ve failed to make order out of chaos – are the last thing you need. Thankfully, these five downright ingenious tricks will have your salon running at super speed before you can say, “I can’t find the appointment book”…


1. Get it off the floor


Floor space is extremely precious in salons, so the last thing you want to do is waste an inch of it storing stuff. Instead, think outside the square and go up by wall-mounting your baskets of towels, nail products and more. Simply use a screw driver or a couple of wall brackets to get items cluttering up your floor space out of the way. Not only will it allow you to move through the salon with greater speed and ease, it’ll also make for some eye-catching wall art, too.

2. Get it out of the filing cupboard

Paperwork should have as much place in a modern salon as a Backstreet Boys mix cassette tape has in your USB drive. If you’re still wasting precious time (and trees) sifting through mounds of paper and dog-eared appointment books, it’s time to introduce yourself to the new millennium. Cloud based software allowing you to access every detail of your salon – from appointment bookings to staff schedules, tax records, marketing material and more – is now so readily available and affordable it makes no sense to stick to the outdated mode. And as all your information is stored in the cloud, it’s completely secure (even if your salon burns down) and accessible from anywhere at any time, using any tablet, smartphone or computer.

3. Make it move


Make your most frequently used treatment items readily accessible anywhere you need them by using a salon caddy, or simply attaching wheels to a pre-existing storage stand. Rather than travelling back and forth to grab the items you need, you’ll be able to bring them with you at any time, and because they’re moveable, they’ll never get in your way.

4. Get it out of the cash register

Imagine if your client could get up after their treatment and leave the salon without the need for ringing up their purchases. With payment gateways that allow your clients to put down a deposit or pay in full at the time of booking, all from their home computer or smart phone, balancing your cash register at the end of the day could soon be a thing of the past, along with client no-shows…

5. Do away with no-shows

No-shows waste everybody’s time, as well as the salon’s money, and there are now such incredibly foolproof systems available to prevent them, it’s completely illogical to put up with slack clients a moment longer. Timely is salon software that allows your clients to schedule and pay for their appointments ahead of time through Facebook, or your chosen portal. Clients will then receive automated text message reminders in the lead-up to their appointment to ensure they never forget. Although once they’ve already parted with their money ahead of their booking, you can bet their memory will drastically improve.


This is a sponsored post by Timely, helping your business succeed.

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