Could you do with a little more organisation in your life?


If you’re not an organised person, chances are, your salon isn’t as in order as it could be. Here’s three signs you need to get organised, like, yesterday…

1. You’re always sorting through paperwork

The issue: If every admin task requires heavy duty sifting through paperwork and cryptic post-its (why do they always make no sense when you look at them the next day?), you’re in dire need of a better organisational system.

The fix: Paper files are not only open to deterioration over time, they’re also easily misplaced, lost or damaged. Go high-tech and install a salon software organisation system that will seamlessly store and manage all of your files without the need for any actual paperwork, ever.

2. All hell breaks loose when your computer crashes

The issue: Your salon computer decides to go haywire on you and you’re left with frustrated customers and a whole lotta confusion? It may be time to head for the cloud.

The fix: Get your salon appointment calendar and client files onto the cloud. By storing your information in a cloud based system, you’re guaranteed to always be able to access your files on the nearest phone or tablet, even if your computer bursts into flames. (It happens).

3. You can never focus on one thing at a time

The issue: Always having your day interrupted by phone calls from clients wanting to make their next booking? You’ll never get on top of your day if you can’t dedicate all your attention to one task at a time.

The fix: Use a booking software program. There is even software that lets your clients make and check their bookings through Facebook. No need to ever pick up the phone and have to make pointless small talk with old Mrs. Jones ever again.

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