If you wandered over to Professional Beauty’s Facebook page last week to get your fix of the beauty industry’s news, you’ll have seen that we, ahem, weren’t there.

Thanks to Facebook’s blanket ban on Australian and New Zealand news sites, Professional Beauty’s Facebook platform has been suspended. It’s a frustration we’re sharing with hundreds of news outlets across the country, and one that we’re hoping is temporary.

In the meantime though, you can still keep up with us through our other channels, namely our Instagram, LinkedIn and, of course, by subscribing to our newsletter.

You can also download the current issue here.

Craig Hawtin-Butcher, publisher of Professional Beauty says: “The vast majority of our readers already know to come direct to professionalbeauty.com.au for breaking news, insightful analysis and to connect with our industry-leading community. Facebook throttling access to Australian voices won’t change that.”