Let’s assume  for the sake of this story that your salon has its own social media accounts. You may already be pretty active on your platforms, and that’s great. But when was the last time you gave your social media profile a proper clean-up and update?

Who are you?
Pretty tiles are all well and good, but you have mere seconds to inform scrollers of what you do and why they should be following you. “Use your bio and use it well,” says social media expert Clarice Childs. “Have fun with it, sure, but be clear and concise. For example, saying you’re ‘an expert in creating the best version of your clients’ doesn’t say much at all. But something like, ‘In-demand beauty therapists, turning back the signs of ageing through the use of cutting edge devices and non-invasive treatments’ really tells people what you’re all about. Messaging needs to be clear, otherwise it’s a missed opportunity.”

What’s working for you?
Business profiles have access to insights and it’s well worth getting your head around them, says Clarice. “You’ll know very quickly what posts resonate best with your followers. Once you know that, for example, your followers engage more with video, you’ll know to place more time in creating those kinds of posts. Give the people that they want, or you’ll lose them.”

Stick to what matters
Your salon’s social media platforms are not the place for you to get political. “You have a personal page for that,” says Clarice. “Keep your thoughts on politics such as lockdowns and the government members that instigate them to yourself. Your salon’s pages are an extension of your salon. If you wouldn’t write it on your salon window, don’t write it on your social media platforms.”

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