Candela brand ambassador Sophie Cachia

Candela has appointed social media influencer Sophie Cachia as the new brand ambassador for its Gentle Series.

Sophie Cachia is a Melbourne-based blogger, mum and business owner with over 247,000 Instagram followers and 144,000 Facebook followers.

Based in Melbourne, she is “best known for her no holds barred approach, sharing honest stories about her life and the realities of parenting”.

Candela Australia marketing manager Mike Reid said that the company had appointed Sophie, as she has regular laser hair removal treatments with the Gentle Series due to excessive hair growth caused by PCOS (polycystic ovaries syndrome).

“We have formed a partnership with her to discuss her PCOS journey in the digital space to bring greater awareness to possible treatment options,” he said.

Sophie’s first Instagram post for the Gentle Series (pictured) received over 11,000 likes and over 300 comments.

“The comments were mainly from other women with PCOS talking about their experience with excessive hair growth – and there was lots of positivity towards Sophie for being so open about it.”

In Candela’s latest online campaign, Sophie will be “engaging with her social audience to drive awareness about the Gentle Series and Laser Hair Removal treatment options” to drive traffic to where they will have an opportunity to complete an enquiry form to book a consultation or treatment at a Gentle Series Clinic.

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