Awaken Organics launches tomorrow with a skincare range that works for each decade of different skincare needs and they are seeking salon and spa partners

Awaken Organics understands that skincare needs change over time, and therefore curated this customised range for each decade of a women’s life. By being tailored to the needs of those in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s+, the products can be trusted to support healthy skin at any stage of life. Products from the 19-SKU range can be added onto the base skincare routine recommended, based on the users age and desired skincare goals.

How salons and spas can incorporate the brand into their offering

Awaken Organics has plans to work with spas and salons as stockists and in treatments. The brand presentation is available to view now, and the brand is interested in hearing from potential partners. “We are able to distribute both a digital and hard copy of our Awaken Organics presentation which provides an overview of our brand, our certification and a breakdown of the Anti Ageing range – Cleanse & Tone, 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s+ products.  We are also able to provide smaller brochures again with an overview of the brand and our products that can be used within spas and treatment rooms and handed to clients for further reading about our brand, together with our website address for further in depth information.  We are also happy to receive calls and emails from spas and treatment rooms to discuss how our products can be used effectively to create new and exciting organic treatments on their menus.”

Why create age-specific skincare?

Molloy says “we decided to develop a range that would target the specific and ever changing concerns of life’s odyssey.  We know our skin changes as we age and move through each decade.  Skin cell turnover begins to slow down, fine lines and wrinkles become more prominent, hyperpigmentation becomes more visible, skin becomes drier and sensitivities and rosacea begin to develop.  Our anti ageing products include a choice of  Gentle Cream Cleanser or Foaming Cleanser that is still gentle but targets hormonal acne, and a choice of Micellar Toner or Serum Toner.  The choice of cleanser or toner is then paired with a 20s Nourish, 30s Prevention, 40s Defence or 50’s+ Maintenance range to provide a full morning and night skincare regime.  This allows a fully customised and flexible range that allows consumers to upgrade as their needs change.”

The Awaken Organics range of certified organic skincare uses native Australian botanical-derived ingredients and is for women of all ages. These luxury, meticulously researched products are highly effective, delivering on their promise to give you healthy, glowing skin without harming the planet or your health.

“We will continue to innovate new products and ranges to cater for all skin types, ensuring we continue to meet the high standards of organic and natural certification.  We are already in negotiations with major retailers based in the USA and Japan with the increasing interest in A-Beauty – Australian made beauty, ” says Molloy.

True A-beauty credentials

“Our brand is female-led Australian developed, made and owned.  Australian native and grown ingredients are incorporated into our formulations across the entire product range together with globally sourced ingredients.  Australia is known for having one of the harshest climates in the world and our botanical species have acclimatised to protect themselves against the harsh sun and extreme environmental conditions.  We have included these Australian ingredients so they can work to protect skin in precisely the same way by defending against the sun and pollution, and preventing harmful toxins from entering the delicate dermal layer – mimicking their species profile to deliver “True To Nature” protection.  Our products are brimming with active ingredients and our brand does not sacrifice on efficacy or luxury.  The global clean beauty industry is one of the fastest growing sectors with skincare outperforming makeup, and more importantly the organic beauty market expanding at twice the rate of the beauty market as a whole.”     

How it started

Joanne Molloy, a Melbourne-based mum, created Awaken Organics after an ordeal with cancer inspired her to overhaul her lifestyle and seek out natural, organic alternatives to her existing skincare regime. “I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010 and I was still only in my late 30’s with a husband and 3 young sons under 7 years old,” says Molloy. 

“This was a big wake up call, and forced me to re-evaluate what I ate, how I lived, my lifestyle, and most importantly what I was putting on my skin.  I found that there was a lot of “green washing” in the beauty industry where brands were making claims about organic and natural ingredients without any regulations to adhere to.  I decided to create and launch my own brand with the whole ethos of transparency and honesty.  From the onset, it was my mission to ensure my products were organically certified in order for consumers to feel confident that my products were completely safe to use and that all my brand was being held accountable by a world-renowned certifying body.”

Why COSMOS Organic certification

Awaken Organics has been awarded COSMOS Organic certification from Ecocert, the most rigorous form of cosmetics certification and regulation in the world. Every step involved in creating the Awaken Organics range, from sourcing living plant ingredients, to manufacturing and packaging the finished product, is environmentally friendly, ethical and cruelty free. Awaken Organics knows that skin care needs change with age and has formulated a fully tailored range of skin care products for every decade of a woman’s life. Awaken Organics is committed to empowering women with the high-quality products and customisable regimes needed to wake up to healthy, vibrant skin, every day. 

The Awaken Organics range AUD RRP are $85 – $172. For more information, visit

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