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Beauty Expo Australia showcases ‘forward-thinking’ brands

Beauty Expo Australia will be shining a light on Australian made and natural brands

BellaLux LED

The BellaLux is fast growing in popularity due to its extra strong energy output and single multi-colour LED panel. Built with a selection of 3 out of 4 available colours the BellaLux delivers reliable and effective treatments for Skin Rejuvenation, Post-Laser/IPL Cellular Regeneration, Pigmentation, Acne, Rosacea and faster Wound Recovery. Find out more here

Doublo Gold HIFU

The World’s Fastest High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Face Lifting device. Purpose built to deliver treatments Non-Invasively and without Downtime, focused Ultrasound energy coagulates the tissue in micro spots at specific depths bypassing the superficial receptors. The Doublo can deliver 300 lines of these micro spots within a blazing 8 minutes. Find out more here

Clinical Lucas Plus

The Lucas Plus is a critical tool in today’s changing world. Covering the growing business opportunity of Tattoo Removal is only one part of this systems treatment options. Firing at 15hz on largest spot size ensures treatments are quick and efficient. Included safe modalities for Genesis, Melasma, Pigmented Lesions and Freckles treatments. Find out more […]


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