Vanish Skin Clinic Pioneers Tattoo Removal Technology

A new clinic specialising in tattoo removal and skin revitalisation, will pioneer PicoSure technology in Sydney’s Leichardt.

When you open shop in today’s competitive beauty landscape, you need to offer something the others aren’t.

With that in mind, Vanish Skin Clinic opened its doors in Sydney’s buzzing inner city suburb of Leichardt last month with something up their sleeve.

Launching last month, the clinic specialises in tattoo removal and skin revitalisation. But its real hat trick is the laser technology therapists use during these treatments.

Known as PicoSure technology, the clinic’s hero device uses revolutionary ultra-short picosecond pulses of light, creating a photomechanical effect to breaks up ink into tiny particles to rid clients of unwanted tattoos in fewer treatments and in less time, with minimal damage to surrounding tissue.

Dermatoligists are backing it as the next hot thing in tattoo removal technology.

‘The PicoSure delivers laser energy 100 times faster than traditional Q-Switched lasers, making laser tattoo removal safer and more effective than ever before,’ dermatologist John Relic says.

PicoSure treatment as compared to Q-Switched laser tattoo removal.
PicoSure treatment as compared to Q-Switched laser tattoo removal.

The device is also adept at helping undo the signs of sun damage, scars, fine lines and even deep wrinkles, for clients seeking anti-ageing treatments.

The new clinic is housed in a sleek and modern space, with elegant, minimalist interiors, to keep the focus on the skin, and boasts highly trained staff, focused on creating tailored treatments to specific client needs.

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