No one wants to believe that their staff would ever consider stealing from them. We want to believe that our salon staff were an extension of our family. And in most cases, they are. But it also makes business sense to ensure that your property is protected. Here’s how to discourage staff from taking anything they shouldn’t.

Count the cash
Make it a rule that everyone that handles any cash must count the cash when they start their shift and again when they finish. “This needs to be verified by a second person, Any overages or missing amounts need to be recorded in writing, making it less likely for any money to go missing without anyone knowing,” says HR expert, Jonathan Chan.

Individual codes
Everyone that has access to the cash register or payment devices should have their own code, and sharing codes should be prohibited. This makes every transaction traceable.

Separate duties
The person ordering retail products from the supplier should not be the person checking-in the order or paying the vendor. “Separating duties limits the opportunity for missing products or theft. People are less confident to take a risk when they don’t know all of the ins and outs of a transaction,” says Jonathan.

Buddy system
If your salon uses cash, make it a rule that access to the safe, cheque book or petty cash must be carried out in pairs. Use the same rule if any staff member has to walk to the bank.

Limit who has access to payment systems
Ideally, yourself and your manager should have access to your company’s funds. This way, any discrepancies will be easy to pin down.

Create a safe space
“Make it clear to your staff that they should always come to you if they notice something suspicious, and that their concerns will be kept confidential. Usually, it will be other staff members that notice exactly who is doing the wrong thing,” says Jonathan.

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