The response to going virtual was surprisingly positive. I’ve had an increase in new clientele since lockdown with online consultations being number one. I also recorded
an increase of bespoke product purchases through online and Instagram live feeds and tutorials. It’s a great platform to attract clients worldwide. 

I have offered online consultations for a while now nationally and internationally, and there seemingly is a demand for online consultations, so I will definitely continue to offer them. For these to be successful, it’s all about having the right conversations that will lead to the correct solutions to meet the unique skincare needs of each and every client. 

The main advantage of offering online was that I could attend to clientele that prefer after hours. The fact that I didn’t have to engage in the hustle and bustle of Sydney traffic to be physically in the clinic and in the comfort of my own home was definitely
a bonus during lockdown. While I don’t feel online will ever take over the salon experience, there certainly is a place for it in this ever-changing fast- paced industry.

Catherine Hottes says the client response to her going virtual has been positive.

The Salon Effect
I feel the majority of salons’ clients will still very much appreciate the in-salon experience. If you are an exceptional therapist that continually delivers, your clients will always enjoy walking into your space. Lets face it… clients have dearly missed the touch of our magical glow-up facial treatments, not to mention cheeky gossip catch-ups (I know my clients have!) Clinical appointments are very much now a sacred space for the clients to relax and invest in their skin’s health. My clients count down the days until their next appointment so from my perspective the DIY home treatments are a satisfactory yet temporary substitute during the lockdown period.

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