Tell us how you are coping in this changing environment? 

Wow if you had have told me a month ago our La Bella Medispa’s along with every other beauty skin and laser clinics would be shut down in Australia I would have thought you were crazy. But its happened and as leaders we have to adapt to change and create confidence in a time of great uncertainty especially with our teams and to have a contiguous plan for all stages and communicating this with our teams early and often and plan for the biggest come back when the time is right. Courageous leadership is needed with a plan to navigate through this crisis and I guess any future crises, important decisions need to be made and we must rise to the challenge rise above the chaos and see the innovation and collaboration opportunities and transform to a new way of delivering our business and connecting with our teams our clients and supporting our beauty sisters as we are all in this together. I know for myself personally 3 skin laser beauty clinics and over 20 girls this has been my biggest challenge in business so far. Standing down my amazing team has been heart breaking but essential they have been so supportive and completely understanding to the survival of our businesses. We are now in the planning our bounce back stronger than ever.

Rebecca Miller says strategy will need to be at the core of survival.

What strategies have you put in place to cope with the changing beauty industry?
We have really been working hard the last few years on the digital, automation and content creation building my person brand (the skin whisperer) part of our business which I feel has really been a positive with the Corona crisis we are faced with but it has really forced us to adopt the mindset to thrive instead of just survive.
We are blessed to have massive following and very connected to our clients and audience on line with the pivoting of our business. We are lucky we have a private group, skin care programs, product subscriptions, podcast already in place before crisis but we have now launched our La Bella home series including videos which we worked on around the clock from shut down to launch was 36 hours so we move very quickly and we have increased our on line part of our business by 3000% already. We are having team brain dumps to find innovative ideas for us to continuously be thinking outside the box. We are showing up on all social platforms multiple times a day authentically getting our audience attention and having a solution to they’re problems my point being if you are not utilising social platforms you will be left behind don’t be afraid tell your story you are why people come to your business so start connecting on line. We have JV with industry product houses to bring exclusive webinar, masterclass and online tutorials. There is always a way and if you can’t find one create it.

Any advice to other business out there during these challenging times?
Take a moment to sit back breath and know that this will pass. Take the opportunity to pause replenish and enjoy your time with your loved ones, we all know this is something we all long for so embrace the moment. This is a great time to reflect on your business and
fill the gaps lets face it we have time now. So if you have wanted a website start creating one, if you have wanted to up skill then this
is the perfect time, conserve capital, minimise risk, review cash flow budgets and monitor financial reporting including rebuilding a war chest incase heaven forbid something happens like this again in the future. Check in regularly with your team not just by text but Zoom catch up make them feel like they are still part of the dream and its just a pause moment. Start planning for the biggest come back the world has ever seen and if you are not present on social now is your time. If you need support I’m happy to chat along with many other beauty and skin professional going through exactly the same thing. You are not alone.

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