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Xzotic Beauty is a captivating combination of ancient beauty traditions passed down through generations and fashion-forward grooming services. Based in Campbelltown, owner Monica Ropiha and her team deliver impeccable service to their discerning clientele who demand results-driven treatments and the latest on trend nail and beauty services.

With a long line of beauty therapists in her family it was almost inevitable Monica Ropiha would enter the beauty industry in some form or another. “My ancestors were all beauty therapists and as time passed my great grandparents passed down our beauty secrets to my mother and I. We all have a passion for the beauty industry, it’s in our blood,” she explains. She took what she learnt from her relatives and went to TAFE to study beauty part-time.

She set up her salon Xzotic Beauty in Campbelltown in 2006. Prior to this they were based in Fairfield but demand for their services dictated they move to larger premises. “I chose Campbelltown because of the friendly community. It’s very green and in spring it’s beautiful. The distance from the city means we are in a more relaxed, peaceful environment with easy parking.”

“I designed Xzotic Beauty to be welcoming and comfortable. I steered away from the clinical look many salons opt for and instead chose a colour palette of reds and browns to create a warm, happy environment that appeals to our male and female clients who range from all ages. Most of our clients visit us weekly or fortnightly for treatments and everyday we see at least one new client who soon becomes part of the extended family. There are three master therapists at Xzotic Beauty and two students. Roxana specialises in eyebrows, threading, facials, massage and Brazilian waxes. Angela specialises in nails, facials and spray tans and I specialise in eyebrows, threading, facials, nails, spray tans, salon marketing and work as a nail educator for Switch Funky.

The team has a respected reputation for eyebrow sculpting and threading, Minx and gel nail services, Brazilian waxes and Green Peel treatments which attract clients from all over Sydney and even New Zealand. “We offer gel nails and Minx nail foils but we don’t do acrylic nails as we believe it damages the client’s natural nail so we focus on keeping the natural nail plate as healthy as possible. With this in mind our most popular nail service is Artistic Colour Gloss (gel polish) where we offer manicures and pedicures with gel overlay. We love the performance of this product and also the creativity and craftsmanship involved with Minx nail services. It makes our job so much fun and we can deliver intricate, fashion-forward designs for clients in a fraction of the time it takes to create free-hand nail art designs. We believe so strongly in the efficacy and capabilities of Minx and Artistic Colour Gloss gel polish that we no longer offer traditional nail polish in the salon. Why would we when we can perform manicures in 20 minutes and the client’s nails are 100 per cent dry in a couple of minutes?” Monica asks.

“Minx brings us amazing metallic designs that require no drying time so we are able to extend fashion to our client’s fingernails. New eye-catching designs are constantly being created so we always have something new to offer clients, such as the layering service which allows designs to look 3D. We can create the exact looks seen on celebrities, because Minx is a celeb-favourite, and the turnaround for designs and service support is second to none. We were trained by US celebrity manicurist Naja Rickette and Tom Bachik and keep up-to-date with celebrity manicurists work to keep our finger on the pulse of the latest trends and techniques.

“Because we are so well-known for applying ancient beauty techniques to create modern looks we stand out from any competition. We also give clients a kit with their own cuticle pusher, clipper, buffer, file and footstone which stops cross-contamination and gives clients peace of mind so each time they visit us we use their own personal tools on them. We take great pride in our work and skills and all share a passion for our job and strive to deliver above and beyond our client’s expectations, so we find clients never want to leave once they’ve found us.

Monica and her team believe in achieving outstanding skin results without stripping the barrier with harsh acid-based ingredients. They use product ranges that ‘feed’ the skin with a combination of herbal and mineral formulations. “We care for skin with the highest-quality products to deliver guaranteed satisfaction. We believe that stress shows on the skin so we emphasise calming, conditioning treatments that offer clients a ‘time out’ experience where our therapists help them relax and they leave looking radiant, so they see and feel the difference when they leave. We stock Charlotte Meentzen and Dr. Med Christine Shrammek which are both active herbal products that give outstanding results.”

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