Tell us how COVID has helped the beauty industry unite.
All my suppliers were amazing and became very flexible to overcome obstacles like changing delivery, to changing payment terms. Dermalogica however were a standout within a week of our government closure. They had created a program that our clients could purchase directly from them, they did the pick, pack and ship plus the client got a discount and my business got a 30% rebate. This was so innovative. A true example of supplier and customer and end user all winning. I paid off all my outstanding invoices with them by asking my clients to buy from them.

Anna Field says now is the time to build strong relations with suppliers, staff and clients.

What is the one takeaway lesson as a business leader you have learnt?
When you build real relationships with your clients they invest into your business as strongly as you do.

Tell us one of the biggest changes you have made to your business during this time.
To be honest, we are trying not to have too much change. We have a long relationship in the area and we are finding that we are gaining new clients from the trust we have established over the years. As people are not working in the CBD and are at home, we are now the local salon you can visit on your lunch break. Our long-term clients want to feel safe and comfortable so we are not changing. We want that trust. Of course, we have all the COVID safety obligations which is enough change. Change will be for the last quarter of the year, not now.

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