Who am I? Introducing PB’s New Online Editor

You may have noticed a different name in your inbox recently! Professional Beauty has a new online editor, Ruby Feneley.
Ruby joined PB in February, covering Hannah Gay’s maternity leave earlier this year. She has been working print-side as our beauty editor, orchestrating shoots, writing beauty investigations and salon profiles and bringing you all of the best in beauty.
Now she will be bringing you the stories you need to know on our digital platform.
Editor Anita Quade put Ruby in the hot seat!

Tell us why you got into the beauty industry?
“I have always had a love for makeup. In my early twenties, I undertook a diploma in makeup artistry and salon management while completing my bachelor’s. I started working freelance and then got a job as a makeup artist for Mecca. Working as a makeup artist, I realised how much a great look depended on great skin. I worked across countless skincare brands, learning about the formulations, packaging and marketing behind each successful product. I’m not a makeup artist anymore, but the experience set me up well for a career as a beauty journalist.”

What have your favourite moments as beauty editor at PB been?
“Working on our beauty shoots, which I hadn’t experienced before! Coming up with concepts, sourcing props and seeing everything come to life has been incredible. Researching and writing beauty investigations has also been very rewarding, from talking to cosmeceutical influencers for our July-August issue to reporting on gaps in beauty education around treating different skin tones for “Mind the Gap.”

Professional Beauty mineral makeup shoot

As an editor who discovers so many products, what do you look for in a hero?
“There are so many products on the market it can be hard for brands to distinguish themselves. For me, you can always tell when a product has been well-tested. For example, the serum market is very saturated – if your serum doesn’t sit well under sunscreen or makeup, you’re quickly disqualifying yourself. If your product removes a pain point, the customer will be willing to pay more. If it doesn’t, they’ll look for the cheaper option.”

The beauty game has changed – what do you think skincare buyers are looking for?
“Today’s skincare shopper is better educated and has higher standards than the shopper of even five years ago. Consumers have access to real expertise online, and as a consequence, they’re less intimidated by long ingredients lists or clinical skincare as a result. They’re also less likely to be drawn in by celebrity associations or brands. A few years ago, anyone with an online following could slap their name on some cute packaging and launch a successful skincare line. I think consumers are more interested in the expertise behind a brand and formulation now. They understand that dermatologists are the one’s giving those beauty bloggers and celebrities amazing skin – so why wouldn’t they go straight to the source?”

Professional Beauty luxury skincare shoot

What is your go-to look?
“I don’t have much time during the week, so I like a very glowing, natural look Monday-Friday. Makeup artist Nam Vo coined the term “dewy dumpling skin”, which I think describes what I go for pretty well!
I’ll wear a hydrating sunscreen then spot-conceal with a full coverage concealer, rather than all over foundation (hot tip from Lisa Eldridge). I’m very fair-skinned, so blush is non-negotiable – I apply liberally on cheeks, eyes, and even the nose bridge to give some natural warmth. Then mascara, a tinted lip balm (love Bobbi Brown or Victoria Curtis) and some brow gel. I save any overly complicated eyeshadow looks for the weekend when I have time.”

Worst beauty mistake?
“I feel like the internet has made this common knowledge, but skin prep is essential – you can have the best makeup in the world – if you’re not working with a cleansed, well-hydrated complexion, it won’t perform. Another pet peeve is overfilled brows! I’ve been guilty of this. A brow that’s too heavy is as bad as a brow that’s too sparse. They can be incredibly distracting.”

Any favourite brands on your vanity table?
“I treasure my Pat McGrath eyeshadow palettes. They are recent additions, and the shadow formulations are totally unique with duo-chrome finishes and super silky metallics that never accentuate lid crepiness (there’s that consumer pain-point problem solving). They’ve reignited my love for outlandish eyeshadow looks.”

Professional Beauty summer makeup shoot

If you weren’t in beauty, what would we find you doing?
“I’ve worked as a journalist across several sectors – from advertising and technology to fashion and wellness. Beauty is my home, but were I not in the industry; I’d be writing in some capacity – it’s my passion and compulsion. I have the first draft of a novel on my laptop that will never see the light of day!”

Check out Ruby’s Mind the Gap report in the September-October edition of Professional Beauty.

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