Revo Hair Atelier, a leading Kerastase institute in Australia, is located in Sussex Street, Sydney. It is a Kerastase Institute salon that launches new products and technologies, with the latest launch being Fusio Dose hair treatment. The salon’s mission is to give clients timeless beauty and enjoyment with a complete salon experience.

Revo Atelier

Often featured in fashion magazines, Revo is already well-known in the industry for having the latest products and technology, and an enthusiastic team of award-winning stylists make Revo Hair Atelier first choice for a diverse range of clients. Revo is not only a L’Oreal colour trophy winning and preferred colour specialist salon, but stylists are also session stylists at L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Week.

Creative director Maeuve Quin said one of the best things about L’Oreal hair colour is the flexibility of colour available and that it is easy to lift out and change. They also have an ammonia-free range including an ammonia free pre-lightener. Maeuve often recommends that clients having highlights have a clear hair colour on the excess hair to achieve the shine of new full-head colour.

Hair spa baths

Revo is also the only salon in Australia with exclusive hair spa technology, providing an ambient and relaxing environment to pamper clients during their hair styling sessions. Currently at the salon, the new Fusio Dose hair treatment is an instant fibre transformation ritual. With 56 made-to-measure combinations, there is one for every hair need. After a scalp and hair test in which the condition of the scalp and hair is ascertained from a microscopic picture, a technical assistant, such as Francesca Billi, carefully selects the formula most suited to the clients’ needs.

Fusio Dose works on the principals that the hair has primary and secondary requirements, with high concentrated formulas for primary needs and boosters for secondary needs. The four main categories of treatment are coloured hair, dry hair, weakened hair and thinning hair. A primary need for weak hair is fibre reconstruction, while a secondary need is inner reinforcement. Steam is used during the 15 minute hair treatment to open the hair cuticle and lock it in. The salon uses both micro-mist and nano-mist to achieve this.

New Fusio Dose treatment

Kerastase is a prescriptive professional hair care brand that is designed to address each individual’s unique hair and scalp concerns with tailor-made solutions from both in-salon intense treatments (Kerastase Rituals) and take home programs to reinforce the results.

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